Putney Bridge

So as the weather wasn’t completely terrible I decided to venture out yesterday and picked somewhere I have never been before, Putney.

A quick google search told me that Fulham Palace was within walking distance of the station, a definite possibility, as I have been along Fulham Palace Road numerous times it would be nice to see the palace in question one day!

I picked a route there by train, figuring when I got there I could navigate home by bus.  So Putney Bridge via Earls Court on the District Line it was.

I was surprised when we came out of Putney Bridge station into a back road with flats opposite.  I was expecting the station to be in the high street.  We found signs in both directions for the Thames footpath and headed off in the direction most of the locals seemed to be following.  I was pleased we chose that way because we stumbled on a gem!

Putney Bridge 001

Hurlingham Books
91 Fulham High Street

Cue standing and counting how many books we had read!  What a great way to display your books.  Unfortunately my friend decided it was too cold to stand around so we had to move on.

We headed off towards the tow path and the view was lovely, there were little groups of ducks swimming down the Thames.

On the other side of the river there were some lovely flats and I pictured myself sitting on the balcony on a summer’s evening watching the world and water flow past.  What more could a writer want for inspiration!

Putney Bridge 007

Putney Bridge facing towards Wandsworth

We walked across the bridge and along the high street.  There was a small shopping precinct which was lovely.  My friends decided it was getting cold so we jumped on a bus heading for South Kensington.

I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful houses we passed.  There are some really lovely old houses with high ceilings and varying facades in the area.  I’ve always dreamed of living in one of those old London houses with two or three floors and a basement, only now most are flats.

We passed  Saint Etheldreda’s Roman Catholic Church, a saint I’ve never heard of and such an unusual name I thought I would google it when I got home.  The excerpt below is from the official website of the church.

“Princess Etheldreda, daughter of King Anna, a prominent member of the ruling family of the Kingdom of East Anglia, was born in 630. She wanted to be a nun but agreed to a political marriage with a neighbouring King, Egfrith, on condition that she could remain a virgin. When the King tried to break the agreement, she fled back to Ely, where, as well as founding a religious community, she also built a magnificent church on the ruins of one founded by the efforts of St Augustine himself but laid waste by war.

Etheldreda was quite a revolutionary. She set free all the bondsmen on her lands and for seven years led a life of exemplary austerity. After her death in 679, devotion to her spread rapidly, as people received help and favours through what they were convinced was her powerful intercession in Heaven.”

Sounds like she was quite a woman!

I enjoyed my trip to Putney but next time I think I’ll explore the tow paths and Fulham Palace to see what they have to offer.

The beautiful Star & Garter

The beautiful Star & Garter


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