Tuesday Cinema Club

We found out our local cinema does showings on a Tuesday night for £2.95 and for the last two weeks we went along.

Firstly we saw the Hangover III.  I really enjoyed it, I know some people were disappointed but I thought it was good.  Admittedly a little slow in places I liked the tie ins with the previous movies and overall I felt it finished the trilogy off nicely.

It definitely gets a solid 4 / 5 stars from me.

Last week we made the mistake of choosing After Earth when there wasn’t much else on offer in what I assume is the lull before the summer blockbusters hit the screens.

We really didn’t enjoy After Earth, it was so predictable.  I questioned the acting too, the amount of blood Will Smith lost would have led to him bleed out and die but he managed to survive the whole movie!

I know his son is young but he really needs to work on portraying emotion in his face, he looks like a petulant teenager all the time.  It’s difficult to take him seriously as anything else.  The plane they were on when it crashed looked like it was made from toilet paper.  The whole thing turned into more of a comedy for us than a serious movie.

The movie felt like an excuse for Will Smith to star with his son and if that was the reason for making me movie then I hoped he contributed towards the cost as I can’t see it making much money through the box office.

I would give it a 1 / 5 stars.

We saw some exciting trailers for up and coming movies which I hope to see in the next few weeks:

Man of Steel

The Worlds End

This Is The End

Despicable Me 2


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