Places to Visit: Verona

I recently spent a day walking around Verona and it was beautiful.  We parked up on the edge of town and walked across the Adige river, the Duomo being one of our first ports of call.

River Adige

River Adige

Duomo Santa Maria Matricolare

Duomo Santa Maria Matricolare

Luckily just by where we parked; whilst trying to get our bearings, we stumbled across a machine containing street maps for tourists.  It turned out to be a blessing as we followed the marked route around the town and saw some beautiful buildings on our travels.

Italy 2013 318Italy 2013 345

The old roman arena was in quite good condition, we didn’t go inside as we were far too taken with the props fenced off outside!

Italy 2013 343Italy 2013 344Italy 2013 347Of course no trip to Verona would be complete without a visit to No 23 Via Cappello address of Casa di Giulietta.

Italy 2013 321

After walking through the archway where people stop to declare their love in print on the walls, you are greeted by the house of the lady herself.

Italy 2013 322

There is a statue of Juliet under the balcony where people stand and cup her breast for luck whilst having their photo taken.

Italy 2013 325


People write their names on padlocks which you buy from the gift shop and secure them to the gate.

Italy 2013 323

For such a small courtyard there was so much love on display.  Everywhere you looked people were smiling, having their photo’s taken and confessing their love to Juliet.  It really was beautiful and I especially loved the plaque on the wall just under the balcony…

Italy 2013 324 Balcony

Italy 2013 331


It was the perfect inscription and reminded me why people flock from all over the world to pay Juliet a visit.  I just wish now I’d cupped her breast for luck, it would be nice to find love one day!

I would definitely recommend Verona to anyone paying a visit to Italy.  You don’t need to stay there as two days at the most would get you access to all the sights but if like us you are happy to drive and see some of the country in the process it is well worth the visit.  I just hope the weather is as good for you as it was for us!




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