Places to Visit: Lido de Jesolo

I stayed in Lido de Jesolo on my trip to Italy.  I had stayed there before as it’s a good location base for travelling around.  There is a bus from Marco Polo airport in Venice or you can hire a car as I did.

The hotels in Lido mostly had small car parks but the one I chose; Las Vegas, had a decent sized car park, almost twice the size as some.

The hotel Las Vegas was located on the beach and had excellent facilities.  The breakfast options were one of the best I had ever come across offering hot and cold food, fruit, cereal, meats and cheeses and cakes and pastries.  Each morning they had a specialist cake option and I have to say I particularly enjoyed the Tiramisu, who knew it could be a breakfast option!

The pool was a decent size and the seats in the first three rows of the beach were free for hotel visitors.  To sit around the pool cost €3 a day but included the use of a towel.

The hotel offered free hire of bikes and most people used bikes as their mode of transport around Lido.  There is one main road which runs the length of the town and houses all the restaurants, bars and shops.  There are bike lanes marked out and at night the road is closed off to cars.  You can hire bikes, mopeds and 4 seater bikes from the shops along the strip.

Italy 2013 012

Lido de Jesolo Main Street

The beach had plenty of seats but each hotel only had a certain allocation area and it could be busy, I believe there was a charge for sitting outside of your area.

The sea was quite shallow and you could walk out past the end of the breakers without being submerged.  The water was quite warm although intermittently you would be hit with a cold water wave.

Lido de Jesolo

Lido de Jesolo Beach

There is a water park and adventure golf course, although we went to play a round at night and got eaten alive by  flies and mosquitoes, so maybe try the daytime if you fancy a game.

There is also a full golf course but it was expensive and there was a strict dress code so you need to go prepared, (they will hire you clubs).

The menu’s were pretty much the same in most of the restaurants; if you like Pizza you’ll be fine.  Pasta dishes were mainly starters although could be ordered as a main for an extra cost.  A couple of places did set menus including wine/ beer and they offered the best value for money and food.

Ice cream is a big deal with a lot of places offering ice cream sundaes.  Some places were better than others but by and large the flavours on offer had something for everyone.   I always enjoy my holidays in Europe as it means I can get coffee ice cream which is my favourite and is almost impossible to find in England!

From Lido I drove to Punta Sabbioni for my day trip to Venice, Verona and Caorle a little coastal town a bit further along the coast.  Verona was the longest journey at around 2 hours but it is possible to drive probably another hour along to visit Lake Como.  You could also visit Marenello if you fancied picking up a new Ferrari, we passed the sign for it on the motorway but I have no idea how long it would take to get there!

Caorle was a very sleepy town, I went at lunchtime and drove through the town to find it empty.  I walked along the beach and again it was largely empty, even on a hot day.  If you wanted to sit on the beach uninterrupted I’m sure you could pay for a seat for the day and it was about a 30 minute drive from Lido.

If you are interested in boats there was a daily trip along the coast which went from one of the breakers on the beach or for children you could dress up as a pirate and have a ride on a pirate ship.

Lido could be costly for a large group, I believe the water park was around €25 each for an adult, they have the option to do bungee jumps but again I think that was an extra €25 per person.

At night marching bands walked along the main street entertaining people and further along the road there was a bandstand set up for them to play a set in the evening.  We saw posters advertising various events throughout the summer season so check online before booking as you might find something that will interest you.

I would recommend Lido de Jesolo for anyone wanting to spend some time in Italy.  It was a nice place for families as there was plenty of events to amuse the children.  The food and drink were reasonably priced and the location is good for easy travel to a number of towns in the area.

Watch out for the town tax which you are told about on checking out of the hotel; it is currently 70 cents per person per day, so be aware when booking if you have paid this in advance.


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  1. You described every detail, nice work! It’s a great review and I am sure it will help a lot of people to decide if this place if for them.

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