Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

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I stumbled upon this book purely by chance when ordering something on a website I was offered a choice of free gift. I couldn’t have chosen a better free gift!

I really enjoyed the book. It was quite significant for me at this moment in time as I could see parts of myself in both the lead characters Julia (Julianne) and Gabriel.  Seeing how things panned out for them helped me to understand a few of my own demons better.

The story is part one of a trilogy; I  ordered the second installment towards the end of reading this one, underestimating how quickly I would get through the book. I’m now waiting for the delivery of the second installment with increasing impatience.

The third part of the trilogy is not out until December so I will not know if there is a happy ending until then but I really hope that there is.

The book is well written and you get drawn into the characters right away. You want to know why they feel so damaged and what happened to them in their past to make them that way.

If you like romance novels then I would recommend this book.  It is listed in the same category as 50 Shades which I have also read but the first installment was more of an introduction to the story and didn’t contain many sexual encounters.

The book talks a lot about The Divine Comedy and Dante Alighieri which made me curious to read more about him.  Some of the quotes used in the book I had heard before and some are just lovely. The main character Gabriel is a Dante Professor and Julia is his student.

They visit Florence for a lecture and it sounds wonderful, a part of Italy I have yet to explore.

I learned a lot from reading the book about how complex relationships can be and that there is always hope if both parties are prepared to work together. I can’t wait for the next installment, the excitement is already building for the final installment in December!


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