Arsenal v Chelsea Capital One Cup 4th Round

Tuesday night saw me head off to the Emirates Stadium for the first time, or Highbury Mark II as I seem to keep referring to it. I have to say as a stadium it was pretty impressive.


Emirates Stadium

From the minute we got onto the train at Kings Cross Station and started our onward journey to the Emirates the Chelsea supporters were singing. Usually when travelling on a football train if one set of supporters starts singing the other set join in to counteract them. Not on a train to Arsenal they don’t, the supporters I saw seemed happy to remain quiet and be out sung by their match rivals.

When we got out at Holloway Road Station the noise was deafening from the Chelsea supporters but the Arsenal supporters seemed bemused. I can only imagine that other travelling supporters don’t sing their way into the ground by the number of confused faces I saw!

We were sat with the away supporters in the Clock End but you wouldn’t have known it from the noise! We had a decent view of the pitch, although due to congestion outside the ground missed the kick off by about 10 minutes.

View from the Clock End

View from the Clock End

From the minute we found our seat, which was unused as everyone was standing the singing began. I only recall one song from the Arsenal supporters reaching us in the top-tier and it was drowned out by the retaliation whistles from the Chelsea supporters.

The match saw two fantastic goals from the unlikely Azpilicueta in the first half and a sublime right foot shot from Mata in front of the Chelsea supporters in the second half. Queue a lot of bouncing and general mayhem after both goals!

Not even bringing on the big guns helped Arsenal get back in the game. As the final whistle drew near it was almost as if a fire drill had been sounded with the rapid emptying of the Arsenal supporters from the ground.

Although on leaving the ground myself and finding our station was closed, leaving us with about a mile or more walk to the next one I can understand why!

All in all it was a fantastic night for Chelsea. The party atmosphere made the night and lifted the players to deliver the goods on the pitch.

The epic journey home was a slight dampener but it didn’t deflect from a good night out in North West London. #LondonisBlue


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