Tuesday Cinema Club: Dallas Buyers Club

This weeks movie was the Dallas Buyers Club. A film about a man diagnosed with AIDS and given 30 days to live.

I can only image how difficult that would be to hear when you think you just have a bad cold. He wasn’t a gay man so he thought it was impossible to get AIDS and he takes some days to come to terms with the idea. When he finally decides to take it seriously he researches every possible angle of treatment.

Baring in mind the movie is set in the early 1980’s the treatment options were minimal and experimental. Most were previously used for the treatment of cancer. He begins to take a drug called AZT and when his supply of that runs out he is given the name of a Doctor in Mexico to visit.

This turns out to be the best thing for him as the Doctor saves his life. On returning to America with the drugs he needs he sets up a Buyers Club to import the drugs and sell them to other sufferers for a monthly membership fee.

On finding out about the drugs which are mostly vitamins and minerals and the Buyers Club the Government find a variety of ways to shut down the club and confiscate his drugs. So he goes to increasing measures to obtain the drugs.

The film was touching and funny in places but the importance of the role Ron Woodroof played in the lives of those people who became members of his club should not be underestimated.

The cocktail of drugs Woodroof took on the advice of the Doctor in Mexico and the research they both undertook extended his life for years past his original 30 day diagnosis. His protestation about AZT also helped make the drug safer for the people who were prescribed it.


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