Tuesday Cinema Club: The Book Theif

There wasn’t much of interest this week but The Book Theif was recommended to me so we thought we would give it a chance

It was a lovely film. The girl who played Liesel Meminger was so striking as was the boy who played Rudy Steiner.

The characters were warm and drew you into their stories and you couldn’t help but want them to have a happy ending.

As someone who values books and the written word I think I too would have tried to rescue books from the fire in order to keep them hidden.

The library of the big house is enough to fill any mind with wonder, always my favourite place to visit in a stately home. I envy the rows of leather books and the wooden staircases to reach the top most shelves just like in a Jane Austen novel.

The only down side was the temperature in the cinema, I think they must have been having a heating malfunction as it was like sitting in an oven.


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