Mother’s Day

Every year it seems Mother’s Day gets more complicated to organise. Namely how do you transport 9 people out for the day and get them to a restaurant in the smallest number of moves. It took military precision planning and when it came down to it the plan went out the window as it always does.




We went to Runnymead to sit by the river. We’ve been there loads of times as kids, but when it came down to it I wasn’t sure I could remember the way to get there. I was sent off with the sat nav to do the first pick up and we arranged to meet by the river, which was fine. Until the sat nav didn’t work and I had to rely on the dusty corners of my mind for directions.

I have a weird memory for places. If I can visually picture it then I’m fine, I can navigate easily, just without knowing any road names.

I knew if I got to Windsor I would need to get out the other side of the town and then I hoped to pick up the road signs from there. It didn’t quite work out but in the end I managed to go straight there. As we got nearer the roads became familiar and it was pretty much a follow the river situation.

We took the kite as it’s a bit of a running joke on Mothers Day. We usually take it out with us but never seem to get it airborne for very long. It usually ends up coming down either on someones head or very near to, unfortunately that was me yesterday, but a deft swerve saved me at the last-minute.

It turned into an epic ultimate frisbee/ footballing kick about too which is why I was so tired last night. I hadn’t run about that much in ages. I can report my footballing skills are still there. My brother was particularly impressed with my left foot trap and two footed control. He forgets that I was the one who taught him how to play football.

We even got my sister and Nan to join in the kickabout. Anyone who has seen my sister play knows she favours power over control so it was an achievement she controlled the ball enough to keep it out the river.

I was glad to sit down in the restaurant for a break after all that.

All in all it was a good day and everyone went home happy. I think it was just what I needed too. The weather has been so bad lately I end up spending too much time inside so to get out and have a run in the fresh air was just what I needed.

Too much time spent cooped up inside has meant I spend way too much time thinking about my life. Yesterday was nice as I didn’t get time to think once about how upside down everything is right now.

Only it’s back to reality today and back to the job hunt.


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