Tuesday Cinema Club: Noah

It feels like  a long time since I went to the cinema, in fact it must only be a couple of weeks. There didn’t seem to be much of a choice, a lull before the summer blockbusters are released? I had vaguely heard Noah getting mixed reviews and I can see why.

I found it really disappointing. It seemed to drag on for so long with very little happening.

For someone who has a phobia of snakes they featured quite prominently in the film so I had to keep pulling my hood over my eyes. Noah had the chance to rid the world of snakes and chose to save them.

The most excitement in the movie was when the Watchers fought the people trying to overtake the Arc. Watchers are very good boat makers for hunks of rock!

The timescales seemed very confusing to me. As the flood rains come Ila finds out she is pregnant then as she goes into labour the ship runs aground against a rock whilst Noah and Cain are fighting.

So according to the movie it took 9 months for the flood water to subside and the new world to be created. It also took 9 months for them to find out Cain was hiding as a stowaway, which seems coincidental.

I also found it hard to believe when there were only 6 people and 2 babies in the new world why one of them would leave and head off on his own. What was he hoping to find?

At one point I was struggling to stay awake the film was dragging so much. So I think a 1 star movie for me, it just felt too long.


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