10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression

I saw this listed on another site and I thought I would share. Although my depression didn’t take me to all the places listed I did experience some of the symptoms.

Showing Love to Someone With Depression

It is hard to feel yourself losing your balance and the darkness taking you over. I have been on the other side of depression on occasion too but if you have never experienced depression for yourself it will be hard to know the best thing to do when almost everything you try will seem to make things worse.

Even when it seems like you are making things worse you probably aren’t. It can take a lot of reassurance to get through all the layers and bring the person you know back. One of the main things is to be there because the biggest fear is that you will stop trying and leave.

No-one ever wants to feel depressed, you battle the symptoms when they start and you don’t always win. When you feel yourself slipping the frustration of not being in control can make things worsen quickly.

Depression will try your patience and take away for a time the person you know. If you want to help that person come back remind them of who they are to you. It may take time and a whole lot of patience but then if they weren’t worth the effort you wouldn’t have stayed around in the first place.

But why wait until they are depressed to tell them what you mean to them? Telling people how you feel is seen as a weakness but I see it as a strength.

When you like someone there are a million and one things you notice about them, things they may not even realise they do. Things that are important to you. The way they smile when they are reading, the way they say your name, the way their eye’s light up when they see you, the look on their face when they are concentrating – whatever it is. Tell them.

People are quick to pick up on your faults. Especially in an argument. Maybe if you spend more time saying “I love it when you do that” and talking about the small things then we would all be happier.


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