Junior School Memories

I just went for a walk to the post box and the sight of a simple buttercup in the grass verge transported me back to summer terms at Junior School.

Life was so much simpler then.

The buttercup reminded me of so many simple games we played for hours on end that now as an adult seem ridiculous. Especially in the age of iPad’s, Internet and Sky TV.

I remember back at school when a field full of freshly mown grass was the best thing to happen in the day. You’d run out onto the field at lunchtime with your friends and make houses with little grass walls and argue over which room was which.

I remember building those houses would cause so many arguments with people messing up the walls and stealing the grass for their houses. We even used to get the boys to stand guard so no-one would mess up our houses! It just seems so silly now but back then it entertained us for days.


We would sit in the grass houses and make daisy chains which you then wore round your neck for the rest of the day, or gave to your friend, or the boy you liked if you were really brave!

If you found a buttercup is was compulsory to pick it and shove it under everyone’s chin to see if it glowed yellow and they did indeed ‘like butter’. It makes me laugh just thinking about how scientific that experiment was!

We would have epic girls v boys football matches in the playground which would usually descend quite quickly into girls v boys fighting.

My friend was always a fan of playing kiss chase with the boys, but I stayed well clear. Back then boys were snotty and grubby and full of germs, no wonder my friend was almost always ill!

We did have a running ‘hand stand up the wall’ competition which I was the champion of for some time. Not sure it’s something I can put on my CV.  I doubt I would hold the record now, I don’t think I could do a handstand anymore!

We tied our skipping ropes together and tried to get as many people as we could to jump rope together. Nowadays the only people you see skipping are people in the gym. When did something so fun become an instrument of torture?!

My Granddad’s road has an island down the middle lined with Horse Chestnut Trees so I would take bags and bags of conkers into school and we would play at lunchtime. I think it’s been banned now but the worst that I remember happening is getting wrapped knuckles from the boys who specialised in hitting your hand to make you drop the conker!

When I was at school there were two crazes. One was a ball on the end of a piece of rubber with a loop on the other end. You put your ankle through the loop and then swung the ball round and jumped over it.

The second was a rubber ball with a plastic ring round the middle of it, (imagine Saturn) you stood on the ring, balanced and jumped along. Hours of fun and I would imagine one of the reasons I was so thin, burning all those calories. I can’t imagine many children being thrilled with either of those as a Christmas present now!

On occasion word would go round school there was going to be a game of ‘Bulldog’ at lunch. Now Bulldog is serious stuff. Most people have played it but there seem to be a lot of different names and some rule changes from what we played.

Our version of Bulldog was everyone lined up on one side of the playground running to the other side without being tagged. We’d start with 1 in the middle and eventually end up with everyone in the middle trying to kill the fast little kid that was left. It was always the fast little kids left at our school, they used to slide under everyone’s linked arms.

If you managed to get out of a game of Bulldog without cuts and bruises you weren’t playing properly!

I remember my friend (of earlier kiss chase fame) running across me in a game of Bulldog sending us both flying across the playground. I can still hear her scream now. Apart from the cut knees and hands she chipped her front tooth and I took all the skin off my hip bone with the friction of sliding across the gravel. The bruising was epic. She never did tie her shoelaces properly! In fact I think I started tying them for her after that.

I remember performing a marriage ceremony for two friends who promptly broke up the next day. Britney Spears isn’t the only one who does over night marriages.

Maybe I’m just looking back through rose-tinted glasses but I remember us having a lot of fun. What do you remember about your school days?



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