Headliners Comedy Club, Chiswick

I went along to Headliners in Chiswick last night after watching Arsenal win their first trophy in 9 years on the TV, expecting to see a lot of drunk Gooners staggering out of pubs.

When we got to the George IV pub I wasn’t disappointed there was a table of very drunk Gooners struggling over their words and drinking champagne. It was nice to see them smiling for a change. I can only imagine what it’s like to wait 9 years for a trophy only to pull back a  2 – 0 scoreline against Hull in the first 10 minutes to win it! Ok enough Arsenal bashing I think, so to the comedy.

The MC last night was Jarred Christmas who I have seen on TV, he was very good as an MC. He hosts a programme at the venue called 4 Kiwis Walk Into A Bar. If you are interested more information can be found here: 4 Kiwis Walk Into a Bar

Richard Morton was the first act on stage, I had seen him before at the Ealing Comedy Festival, he does jokes and topical comedy songs whilst playing the guitar. For me I had heard most of the act before but it was funny nonetheless.

Mike Gunn was next and although he had a quietly spoken manner on stage he was very good. His material about using public toilets and toilet attendants was particularly good as everyone can relate to the awkwardness of the situation.

Stephen Grant was the last act of the night and he had the toughest time on stage. A guy in the audience had decided to talk through his act, he could have chosen to ignore it but instead he addressed it in a good way. Unfortunately it wasn’t the only time the guy interrupted his act. I felt sorry for him as no-one else had experienced problems and being the last act it would have been good to hear his material. But he dealt with the situation well, was funny and managed to guide the act back on track and it ended the night on a high.

As always I would recommend Headliners in Chiswick as I have yet to see a bad act.

The line up has been announced for the Ealing Comedy Festival this year, if you enjoy live comedy its a nice place to go.

Headliners Comedy Club

Ealing Comedy Festival




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