Something To Remember…



The above graphic is very true.

You will have all sorts of relationships in your life and many people will come and go.

Remember to hold onto the ones who make an effort to care because those are the people you will miss one day.

Say yes to random offers sometimes, even if you don’t think you’ll like it you may just find it was the best decision you ever made!

Take a chance on someone because they may just be someone you’ll be glad you made an effort for one day.

Be nice to people and value their feelings as much as you do your own.

Don’t cause people pain if you can avoid it.

Don’t pretend things are ok when they aren’t, you aren’t helping the situation and someone will always get hurt.

Take the time to talk through your problems, your relationship will be stronger if you do and you’ll save time in the long run.

You won’t always be right, own your mistakes, don’t project your anger onto someone else and make them the fall guy when you don’t want to accept your actions.

No-one is perfect, no matter how much you think you are.

When you realise no-one is perfect and we all have faults you can appreciate the good qualities in your friends and learn to make allowances for the bad. Don’t kid yourself that they aren’t making allowances for yours!

Don’t waste your time and effort on people who show themselves to be unworthy, try to find the people who will appreciate you instead.

Don’t judge people, try to understand them, listen to them and learn about their journey, you don’t know what secrets they hold that may help you one day.

Remember that sometimes the most amazing and long-lasting relationships develop out of a strong friendship. Love is complicated and comes in many forms and sometimes you find it in the place you least expected.

Remember lust wears off over time, when you find love in a friend you will always have someone to share your life with.

If the lust wears off and you realise you have nothing left between you let go, it will be painful but its better than holding on and making each other bitter. Choose happiness!

We are all a little bit messed up, some more than others and some people are just better at hiding it.

We will all need help one day.

We will all have times in our life when we require patience from the people around us.

Don’t close the door on someone today you might need in the future because you gave up. You may never find anyone like them again. If you do your life will be that much better for having even more great people in it. That’s a win – win!

You will never regret holding on to a great friend.

True friendship is about quality and not quantity, true friendship lasts a lifetime, forgives all mistakes and pain it causes along the way because a true friend might get tired of your bullshit and need a break from time to time but they never forget the good stuff.

Be nice to people, it’s really not that hard and you never know what that person might give you in return.

If you  meet someone you can’t be nice to, leave them alone, don’t waste your time and energy on making their life a misery, you have no idea what they are dealing with.

If someone is important to you tell them, they may not feel exactly the same way about you, they don’t have to, they should respect your feelings enough to be honest and not take advantage of you.

You never know when you might have your last conversation with someone so never leave anything important unsaid because regret lasts a lifetime.

Who wouldn’t want to hear someone tell them they are a positive part of their life and they are glad to have them around?

Be the best person you can be every day and treat people how you want to be treated, if nothing else you’ll sleep better at night!


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