Brazil – World Cup 2014 Predictions

So It’s finally upon us and the waiting is over. England are about to embark on the next chapter in our World Cup history on the back of two largely unconvincing friendly performances.

I’ve said before I’m only predicting England will get to the quarter finals, but I’m hoping they prove me wrong. There are other countries in world football right now that have better, more consistent players than our current squad and I think that will win out in the tournament.

The newspapers and football magazines are full of World Cup Wall Charts and Booklets analysing each country and making predictions so I thought I would do my own.

It’s just a bit of fun but at the end I can compare my results to the actual results. I might not get the scores right but I think I got the winners and runners-up in the group right.

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  1. Reblogged this on Regate F.C. and commented:
    Based on the groups teams, goal average, history, players that make the difference and their defensive & offensive capability I predict that semi-finals will have Chile vs Belgium and Spain vs Ecuador; what happens after that can only be determent by who wants it more, who is going leave the blood, sweat and tears for their country, but I will say this: “If by any luck and/or chance the final two teams are Chile vs Ecuador hands down my money is on Ecuador”.

    1. That is a really interesting take on it.

      Spain and Belgium both have good players in form and the moment. Teams like Chile and Ecuador don’t play such exciting football but they are capable of ‘winning nasty’ as they say.

      It’s nice to see a different take on things as most people I’ve spoken to seem to be picking a winner from Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Italy.

      1. Hello charlie wanted to reply to you but couldn’t… I hope you have changed your mind on the style of play of Ecuador and Chile(if not i might write a blog to change your mind jajaja). Now I guess you have been following the games and as you can see some of the teams seem to be overwhelmed and out of rhythm like Italy, Spain even England, don’t really understand why but its happening.
        Hope to hear from you soon.

      2. Hello Omar,

        This world cup has certainly opened my eyes. At least England weren’t the first team to be flying home. That honor went to Spain and them choking before us makes me feel a little better.

        I think part of it is weight of expectation but England can’t even use that excuse this year. No-one expected us to get past the Quarter Finals, sure people said we would win in but in their hearts they knew we wouldn’t.

        Countries like Costa Rica weren’t expected to get out the group so they just did their thing and surprised everyone.

        If I had said to you two weeks ago Spain would be the first team home after being bottom of their group and England would follow, neither of them earning a point would you have believed me?

        I had a bet on the World Cup for the first time this year. I bet on a Brazil v Spain final and England getting to the Quarter Finals, don’t think I’ll bother next time!

      3. Hey,
        Next time talk to me jajaja. To tell you the truth I always though Costa Rica was passing they have been doing very well and also the weather in Brazil helps them, they are used to the heat(something other teams arent). Now about Spain they have just been playing terrible football for some time but I though they would atleast go on the next round, gues that shocked the everyone around the world.

      4. So who do you see winning now?

      5. Chile is still the “Dark Horse” of this tournament, I really like Belgium they can make any game hard to win bur I must say Colombia is playing like they want to go all the way. Im looking forward to seeing Chile vs Colombia, it would make for probably the best match.

      6. I’m not sure who I see winning now. Possibly Holland, they seem fired up. Maybe Germany. Then Brazil still have the home advantage.

        I’m surprised that England, Spain and Portgual have become the ‘nil point’ teams.

        I thought Iran were unlucky yesterday against Argentina, Messi much like Rooney made one contribution to the game and became a hero!

      7. How can you be surprice with portugal?! Its always the same…. They dont have a great they just have 3 great players and thats it…. You cant win a World Cup with 3 players.

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