Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull Tour MK Bowl

I had waited for yesterday’s concert for a long time, you get the tickets for everything so far in advance you almost forget about them by the time they come round.

I’ve seen Kings of Leon quite a few times now, and they never disappoint. I’ve been lucky enough to share the experience with a few different people, some of whom I got to be their first time. I love that look on their faces when they realise how good the band is live, I had that look myself once, a long time ago. If you haven’t seen them, I recommend it.


It was my first time at the MK Bowl and I was interested to see what it was like as a venue, I’d heard good things from friends. Getting there was relatively painless, we were ushered into a car park and the Bowl was just across the road.

Once inside you pick your own space, we chose to sit on the mound with a side on view of the stage. When we got there it was probably a little over a quarter full and people came in all the time and filled in the spaces around where people were sitting.

I wasn’t expecting such good weather yesterday. It was nice to see everyone in their summer clothes and it gave the concert a real festival vibe with people laying on picnic blankets sunbathing in between warm up acts.

The warm up acts were  The Last Internationale, Twin Atlantic and Haim. They were all good. The only thing I find strange with these types of events is the gaps in between the warm up acts. Usually you have the warm up and go straight into the main event, but they build you up and then you come down again.


So to the main event. The set list last night was brilliant. I was hoping to hear three songs Arizona, Milk and McFearless but two out of three ain’t bad!

There was a real mix of early tunes, some off the first big album and some of the latest album. My mind is sketchy now, a sign of getting older but I definitely remember hearing in no particular order:

4 Kicks

Red Morning Light


Cold Desert

Use Somebody

Knocked Up




Molly’s Chambers

Beautiful War

Sex on Fire

Family Tree


My Party


There was probably more but like I said, sketchy memory.

I really enjoyed it. The light show was good and during Cold Desert Caleb asked everyone to hold up whatever light they had and wave it through the song, the place looked beautiful.


I wasn’t a huge fan of Mechanical Bull when it came out, I liked a few songs off the album by far the fewest off any of their albums to date so I really enjoyed the classics last night. It was nice to get up and have a bit of a dance after being sat around all day waiting for them to come on!

I find concerts an emotional experience and that’s what I love about live music. I stand there dancing in my own weird way, lost in my own little world that makes me laugh, smile and sing my head off at full volume. I even have a cry over the slow songs which seem so much sadder when heard live. Closer is one that usually gets me teary.

I even thought I’d avoided that dreaded song, the one that was going to remind me of someone I’m trying hard to forget but they decided to end with it and yes it might have brought a tear to my eye too.

Then it was over and we headed to the nearest exit, biggest mistake ever! Having not been before we had no idea how bad it is to get out of the Bowl. We thought the exits would lead to a circle to walk around the Bowl until you found your entry point, but we got pushed out onto the street with the crowd and had no idea how to get to where we needed to be.

We weren’t the only ones I’d say around 90% of the people we passed were arguing about how to find their car park. We didn’t pay an awful lot of attention to where we parked but knew if we found the entrance we came in we’d be fine. We walked for miles before we found something familiar. Apparently the car parks are numbered/ named but even when we found it and made an effort to look we couldn’t see a name/ number for where we parked.

We met two guys who sounded like they were looking for the same car park so they followed us for a while. 40 minutes after leaving us we were in the car almost out of the car park and we saw them still looking for their car. I felt so guilty for not being able to help as by the time we actually drove out of the car park it was an hour and 45 minutes after the concert ended. It took almost an hour to find the car park.

There was no signage for walking to the car parks, all the cars are locked in until people have finished exiting the Bowl as everyone walks in the road and from a safety aspect that is good but it makes for a real mess getting out. I expected some disruption, I drive to football matches on occasion so I know it’s always a hold up but even getting out of Wembley Stadium doesn’t take that long.

I have to say I thought the venue was good but the hassle to get out of there turned me off going again. If you could walk in a circuit of the Bowl before getting onto the street it would make life so much easier, especially if you don’t know MK. All the roads look the same so there is very little marker points. It was a shame because we liked everything else about the venue.


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