The Poison Diaries by MaryRose Wood and The Duchess of Northumberland

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The cover was what attracted me to this book most with the tag line at the bottom ‘There is no cure for love’.

I didn’t realise until I started reading it that it was a young adult book, not that it made much difference. When choosing books purely on the cover you never have much of an idea about what the book will tell you in advance and that is why I like choosing books that way. I enjoy the surprise.

The Poison Diaries is a tale of first love in strange circumstances. I enjoyed the way the love story was written. It took me back to my first love and the butterfly feeling in my stomach wondering if he liked me back. We all remember the first time we felt that.

I enjoyed the book but the ending left me wishing there was more to it. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a hearts and flowers happy ending I just needed a bit more from it that never came.

All in all it was a nice read.



2 responses

  1. I absolutely loved this book! I noticed you said that you wanted more of it at the end. There is a a sequel to this book, which is still pretty good, although I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as book 1. The second one is quite a bit darker, if I remember correctly.

    1. Oh right, I will have a look and see about a follow up book. Thanks for letting me know.

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