A few months back I was looking for a hobby and a friend recommended cross stitch. I’d done it as a kid, I enjoy the repetitive action, and I find it helps to take your mind off the things that are bothering you.

I went online to order a stitching kit but got a bit carried away, as I usually do, and ended up ordering 4 kits of varying difficulty.

Then as I was finishing off the second one a friend told me they would be travelling a lot for work in the near future. It was like a sign. My next cross stitch was a London scene, encompassing some of the landmarks.

I began in earnest; hour after hour working away on what I hoped would serve as a good luck charm and reminder of home while they were working away. I was rushing to finish it before they left so I could give it to them. But we had a fight and don’t speak anymore. I stopped working on it after months of effort as I couldn’t bear to look at it and be reminded of its intended purpose.

I found it in my drawer the other day and decided to finish it. We have a room which has London photo’s on the wall so I’ll put it in a frame and hang it there. I was going to make a copy anyway as my Mum always liked it.

As I placed in the last few stitches I felt a pang of sadness that they would never see it or know the effort I went to, but that is just life. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, no matter how much you wish you had done things differently.

So I’ll share it here with you instead, I’m proud of my effort and my developing skill. All of which I will need to tackle the last of the 4 kits and the hardest by far. I started it yesterday it’s a winter picture of a couple walking in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament. Maybe that will fill our London wall when it is finished too.

photo (28)


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  1. It’s a shame it reminded you of some sad times there, but thank you for sharing! It looks great, love the colours and having just been to London myself, love seeing some icons on there.

    1. Thanks. I love London too. 🙂

      What was the best part of your visit?

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