When I Was A Child

It occurred to me as I was staring out the window trying to decide what to do next from my growing ‘to do’ list, when I was small staring up at the clouds was a big past time.

I remember lying on the roundabout being pushed by my friends for hours making up stories about the clouds and playing ‘pick up stick’.

In the summer we used to build grass ‘houses’ and lay on our backs looking up and seeing different characters in the fluffy clouds.

If I’m honest I still do it now. I gaze out the window and wonder where the lucky people on the planes are flying off to and sit staring at the shapes of the clouds and seeing what they look like.

When I write children’s stories the clouds are always useful. I used to make up stories for my Brother all the time. He only liked a handful of stories from the hundreds of books we had so instead he used to make me tell him a story.

I would get him to pick what he wanted it to be about and sit on the end of his bed making it up as I went along. As he drifted off to sleep he often used to mumble about it being a ‘good story’ before he headed off to dream world.

I think that’s when I decided I wanted to write. Seeing how much my Brother loved the random stories.

When you’re small the simple things in life bring you the biggest pleasure and I always try to live by that today. I always find something silly to keep myself going. I laugh at lot, even at stupid things. I lost count of the times I’ve been told off for laughing or being a ‘goofball’ as my friend calls me.

I was a mischievous child, always playing pranks on people. I’m afraid I still do. Never anything nasty just a bit of fun. I prefer to see it as ‘evil genius’. Although at one point I pretty much had my own seat in the Headmasters office so maybe not everyone recognized my ‘genius’.

The one thing I still haven’t grown out of is jumping in puddles. I have to resist the urge every time it rains. I do a walk splash now instead so it doesn’t look so obvious.

I had a puddle fight with my Brother once on Hampstead Heath which was hilarious. He didn’t think so at first but he got into it. I loved the reaction of people walking past at two adults kicking puddle water at each other. It was pretty funny until we had to get the train home splashed in muddy water.

If you have never done it I recommend dancing in the rain. I did it as a child with my best friend and I never forgot how much we laughed. It’s best to do it in the garden so you can get changed straight after as you get cold pretty quick but its a very freeing experience.

It’s a shame the clouds are so blanketed today, no interesting characters, but plenty of planes full of people off on adventures. So maybe that’s the hook of a story instead!


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