An attempt at poetry… sort of…

I picked up one of my writers notebooks this morning and turned to the back to see a few attempts at some dodgy poetry. Which made me laugh so I thought I would share them.  Let me know what you think:


Time takes and love divides us

But I’ll never break your heart in two

The time between

The space we see

Will never bring me back to you




Alone I sit in the room

Staring into gloom

But then it hits me

Rather than miss me

You really don’t care

So why should I?




Today I stood and told the Thames my worries

I gazed upon the glistening ripples and saw them float on by

Today I walked along the bank and talked to the ‘Lady of the Rivers’

I heard her voice inside my head

And I knew all my worries were gone




See what I mean, hardly award winning stuff! They made me chuckle though.


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