Cliveden House

As it was my Dad’s birthday on Sunday he got to pick where we went for a family day out, he chose Cliveden House in Taplow.

Cliveden (pronounced Cliffden) is an Italianate mansion and estate set 40 metres above the River Thames.

There is a variety of things to do for all ages, but we stuck to walking around the estate and gardens.

We said on our next trip we would make our way down through the gardens to the river bank and take the 40 mins Thames River Cruise for a different view of the estate.

There is a particularly good maze, which having been before, one of our party navigated us round quickly, with the pressure of a group of small children sensing we knew the way following us to the middle.

I particularly liked the waterfall lake at the foot of the driveway up to the manor house:



The lake was home to a family of ducks and moor hens with their little chicks that generated a lot of attention from the passers-by.


The house itself is a luxury hotel with prices not for the faint hearted but it is open at certain times for National Trust visitors.

The house has a lot of interesting history behind it playing home to many famous people throughout the years.



I loved the view of the gardens from the terrace, we debated what we would do if we owned the house and considered a Top Golf style driving range off the terrace with points for hitting the different parts of the flower beds.

We decided a 9 hole professionally designed golf course in a different part of the grounds might be more suitable to the surroundings!

If you had an unlimited budget it would be a lovely place for a wedding with photo’s being taken on the Terrace or in one of the gardens.

The Long Garden housed some beautiful statues, topiary trees and flowers:


The Rose Garden houses between 800 and 900 David Austen Roses of varying type:



We have some David Austen roses in our garden and I love them. I’ve brought them for presents before and I’ve never known them to fail, they always have a healthy growth span.

We had tea and a slice of cake in The Orangery which is at the pricier end for a cafe, serving hot and cold food and is worth a visit.

Cliveden was the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon and if money is no object I’m sure a summer’s evening in the hotel would be just as lovely!


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