The True Value of Friendship

I’ve recently learned something that I’d previously took for granted. Talking to a good friend tonight made me finally see it.

Being a friend to someone is not a right, it’s a privilege.

You ask them to share themself with you and it is your responsibility to cherish that and help them grow to be the best person they can and to be their safe place where they can be themselves and not be judged.

I took a good friend for granted, I forgot I was supposed to be their safe place, but losing their friendship taught me a valuable lesson.

When you let a friend into your heart, you start to care about them and nothing will ever change that.

No distance between you, no matter how much your life moves on, no matter how many other people you have in your life a true friend never stops caring about you.

It’s possible to love a friend deeper than you love your partner because when your partner hurts you it takes time to forgive but a true friend you can never stay mad at.

Partners come and go in life but your friends are the ones that will always be there for you no matter what.

A true friend see’s you for exactly who you are and loves your faults as much as your good points. They never ask you to be anything you aren’t because they accept you for who you are and want to become a part of your life’s journey.

You can be away from a true friend for years, have no contact and yet with one phone call it is like you spoke the day before. As soon as you are together time disappears and everything you shared together comes rushing back.

A true friend is someone who makes you smile just by seeing their name on your phone or hearing their voice.

A true friend will be there for you in your darkest hour and not turn away. When you can’t stop yourself from crying, they are the ones who kick you in the arse and pick you up again.

A true friend doesn’t judge you when you make a mistake, they support your decisions and tell you how proud they are of you.

They may not always agree with you, you might fight and argue but you’ll always forgive.

They may not always laugh with you, sometimes they will laugh at you and make fun of you and challenge you but they’ll also tell you their darkest secrets.

I realised that although I let my friend down and they don’t feel like they can trust me right now that doesn’t mean that I stopped being their friend.

It just means that to be their friend now all I can do is wish them well and send them positive vibes and wait for the day when they might need me again because now I know the true value of having them in my life.

It doesn’t matter how much my life moves on or how much time goes in between talking to them, I know it won’t matter because one word from them will make me smile.

Don’t take your friends for granted, give them a part of you and treasure the part of them they give you in return.

You can never have too many people in your life who look you in the eye and say ‘I’m there for you no matter what, and I don’t need you to be anyone but you to make me stay’ those people are your friends and you can never have too many friends in life.

If you’ve ever had a true friend you cared about then these quotes will make you think of someone when you read them. If you can, give that person a call or send them a message, who knows they might just be thinking about you too!

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