Bletchley Park

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a torrential raining Bank Holiday Monday then Bletchley Park is a good bet. We got a little bit wet moving between buildings but it was mostly inside so not too bad.

I’ve always found the history of wars interesting. Without the German invention of the Enigma Machine we wouldn’t have needed to create the ‘Bombes’ to crack the codes.

Sadly if the world was waiting for my assistance to crack the codes we’d be under the rule of Hitler by now. My brain just doesn’t work in the way required to crack such a complex code.


It was truly fascinating to stand in front of one of the sample machines and look at the wiring set up. It’s like a big Mechano set with thousands of wires, so many you can’t begin to tell where they start and end. I’d hate to have the responsibility of wiring them all up!



I loved the statue of Alan Turing it was really inspiring.

The Mansion House was really beautiful and had a classic library. I loved the ornate gold ceilings of the ballroom and the wooden panelling. They also had marble columns and a stained glass roof over the reception room. I find gargoyles fascinating and there is a pair of them guarding the entrance.

072    074    077

I’ve always dreamed of living in a house like that with a ballroom and a library, maybe I did in a former life!

You get an annual pass to the park so you don’t need to fit everything in all in one day, if you live locally enough to travel back.

The work of the people of Bletchley Park during World War 2 cannot be underestimated, it is said they reduced the length of the war but at least 2 years and they deserve to have their stories told and their place in history remembered.

It’s fitting they have their own memorial. See if you can crack their code!




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