Today is a Good Day!

Today is a good day and I wanted to share it.

I published my first book to Smashwords today under my erotic fiction pen name and I’m really excited to see what will become of it.

It took a lot for me to get to this point but I finally pulled myself over the line after a lot of hard work and single-minded focus to get it done.

I feel like the last few months all I’ve done is chase my tail trying not to make a mess of the chance I’ve been given and learning on my feet how to market, promote, design, write, edit, create websites, master social media and live my life all at the same time without letting anyone down.

I needed a project to take my mind off my life and help me keep control of the direction it was going. It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had some really tough times but thankfully my friend helped me through, without her I don’t think I could have kept going.

It’s a huge learning curve publishing your first book. It took me hours to go through all the requirements on Smashwords to get it edited just so, to qualify for the premium service and give my book the best chance.

I had to hire someone to create a professional front cover for my book because whilst I can write creatively I have no idea when it comes to design and art. I could have used a bit of guidance but I was really happy with the end product and my friend liked it too so I guess I didn’t do too bad with my vision.

Coming up with story ideas has always been easy for me. I live inside my mind, probably a little too much than is healthy at times, but sometimes it feels easier to hide away from everything in the world that I can control.

Eventually you have to decide the let the ideas go and share them with the world and hope you find someone out there they connect with who enjoys reading them as much as you enjoy writing them.

People I have never met have said some lovely things about my writing and it gives me hope. I might not be good at many things, I probably don’t give myself half as much credit as I should, but writing I can do.

Today I proved it by putting my name to my work and sending it out into the world for it to hopefully grow, the first of many stories I set free from my imagination to have a life in the world on their own.

I’ve never asked for much in life for myself. Most of the things I wanted from life were for other people, I give so much of my focus to that. I have 3 younger siblings and always felt like it was partly my responsibility to look after them and other people rely on me too, it gives me a purpose in life and I’ve always been happy to do it.

Someone told me it’s my time to focus on what I want from life so I made a list and I read it out loud twice a day to remind me. It’s not a long list and half of it is focussed on things I want for other people but I’m hoping somewhere out there someone is listening. It seems to be working for the others anyway!

I think I’m due a change of luck, I worked damn hard for it and I’m a good person.

Have a great Tuesday, whatever you’re doing! Oh and wish me luck! 🙂


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  1. you got this!

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