Cover Me by Carrie Elliott

Cover Me is a story about Derek and Bess, two people who grew up living next door to each other but grew apart when Bess went to college and Derek became a music star.

The story see’s Bess thrown back into Derek’s life after she writes a seething review of his latest musical endeavour and outraged at her hitting the truth he had been avoiding he finds her to confront her over it.

After nine years of absence from his life the first time he sees her he realises how much he missed her and wants to win back her trust and claim her for his own and begin a new life together.

But time doesn’t always heal all wounds, some mistakes are never given the chance to be forgiven and he doesn’t know where to begin to heal the divide between them.

He has to realise what caused the divide between them and find a way to heal the wounds in order to have the life he always wanted with the woman he never realised he loved.

But it isn’t always easy to let yourself be loved and to truly let someone see the real you, I could relate to this passage:

“I plopped down on my bed, put my glasses on and considered what she said. It was true. Every word. I ran. And ran and ran and never let happiness catch up to me. It was easier to always want than to get everything and lose it. “There’s a saying that goes, ‘When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.’ That’s why I do it. I’m afraid to be happy. I won’t be able to handle it if it’s taken away.”

Emmy eased down beside me and leaned her shoulder against mine. “Sometimes it’s worth the risk.”
She was right, but old habits died hard. The thought of handing over my heart and soul to him—especially him, who could take and take until there was nothing left of me—was terrifying. And so, so desirous. If I gave him all of me, it could be like dying and going to heaven. It could also be a train wreck. There was no telling.
But Derek was worth the risk.”

Excerpt From: “Cover Me.” Carrie Elliott

Whether or not Derek and Bess have their happy ending I’ll leave you to find out when you read the book.

Sometimes you just have to believe in miracles and hope one day the bad stuff gets forgiven and the good memories are all that remain and maybe thats when you get your chance to put things right. I hope certainly hope so!


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