Revelations Part Two…

So it seems not happy with ending his relationship with my friend blob felt the need to show his true colours and reveal just exactly what a nasty waste of space he is.

He began a complete character assassination of my friend. He gave her details to who knows how many people who are all now weighing in on her having been caught up in his lies.

I can only assume that realising she would have no reason to keep his lies a secret from his long-suffering wife he thought that assassinating her character and trying to get as many people to discredit her will strengthen his case.

I assume by telling people lies about her and getting them to be outraged on his behalf he thought the evidence of those conversations would strengthen his point, that he is an innocent victim.

Because the funniest thing is he is still saying he has done NOTHING wrong.

I guess the people who behave the worst in life will never see what they do and it will always be everyone elses fault but there’s.

Clearly him creating a profile on numerous sites to attract women, asking them to meet him and lying about being married so they enter into relationships, then selling them stories about how he will leave his wife for them, asking them to give up what they want so he gets what he wants and messing with their head is all innocent behaviour and clearly none of it can be classed as him doing wrong.

The poor deluded man. You see lies are still lies no matter how many fools believe you. People will always flock to drama so they can feel big and be a part of it but when it all hits the fan for him, and it will, those people will disappear pretty quick leaving him sinking under the weight of his own mess.  Some of them might even find they are tainted with his mess and are taken down too and if that happens they will deserve it.

People are quick to throw mud at people they don’t even know and I don’t know why we feel the need to do that. It isn’t a pleasant thing to experience when people create lies about you that others who know nothing about you believe.

If you don’t know someone then don’t attack them on the say so of someone else but find out the facts for yourself and form your own opinions or better yet stay out of it altogether.


It takes me back to when it happened to me, only then I was a naive 16-year-old about to take my GCSE’s and none of us really knew any better.

Good people remain good people no matter how many people try to taint you with their darkness.

Blob and his new friends won’t win because people like that never get away with it forever. He needs to be stopped because people like him bring nothing good to the world.

Be careful who you trust and follow your gut if something doesn’t feel right get the hell out and don’t let a blob bring you down.

If someone is getting on at you make sure you keep everything as proof video calls, messages etc, don’t rise to it, block them, report them and stop them from hurting others. If you feed their drama it will make them worse so deny them that pleasure.

Or better yet just be nice to everyone and then none of it will be an issue!


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