50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy…

I’ve been watching this show for a couple of weeks now after finding it by chance and I think it’s really good.

The idea of taking your mum in her 70’s and getting her to expand her thinking to undertake a number of tasks that scare her always leaves me pondering.

It makes me think about the experiences I have had in my life and the things I shared with family.

For me my 21st Birthday will always be a special memory. I wanted to go to New York but no one seemed interested, that was until I got a phone call before work one morning.

My Nan had mentioned to my Grandad that I wanted to go and he rang and said if it was what I wanted and then book it we’ll take you. They had never been to America but it was a dream they had back in the days of Frank Sinatra to experience that lifestyle.

I remember being in floods of tears that they would do something like that for me and the scared look on my Mum’s face when she saw me hang up crying, she naturally thought I’d had bad news.

But we did it, we flew to New York,  just the three of us off on an adventure. Waking up on my birthday, to see my Nan sitting on the window sill of our hotel room, with the blind raised enough to see the New York skyline behind her, is an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I lay for ages just watching her before I let her know I was awake so I could take it all in.

We had a laugh on that trip, and even saw a couple of old movie stars and got a ‘good morning’ from Tony Bennett who was jogging through Central Park.

I have so many great memories of my Grandad but taking me to my first cup final will always be the biggest one for me I think. Turning to him in tears when Di Matteo scored within the first minute. Then hugging him and crying on his shoulder when we lifted the cup was just perfect. In fact I remember pretty much everything about that day.

As you get older you forget that those around you are also getting older, you have an image in your head of how they are and you don’t realise that time catches up with us all in the end.

Sadly my Nan is no longer the woman who sat on that window sill but to me that is who she will always be. Age is finally claiming her and interactions with her now test the boundaries of a saints patience. But we will always have New York.

It did prompt me to speak to my parents about the things they had always wanted to do. We are going to plan some trips together in the next few years so I can have more good memories of us together.

Now we are all older our relationship dynamics are changing and its easier to relate to them, plus we are all legally able to drink when we reach the limits of each others nerves!

But there are some things that I have always been curious about doing for myself, unsure if I will ever be ready to experience them. Things I have never told another soul and I think its time I confessed.

  • I’ve always liked the idea of being able to run a marathon and with the right training partner to spur me on I think I would be able to do it. To be able to say I had the determination and dedication to finish a marathon, never mind how long it would take me would be incredible.
  • I’ve always liked the idea of doing a tandem harnessed bungee jump with someone I trust who I know I’d feel safe with. Someone who knows me well enough to say the right thing to stop me from backing out at the last-minute or just pull me over the edge anyway!
  • I’ve always wanted to drive a car round a track and see if I have what it takes to be a race driver. I think the adrenaline rush would be amazing. I’ve always had a love of cars, especially fast ones!
  • I’ve always wanted to fly in a WW2 war plane maybe a Spitfire or a Lancaster. Just seeing them fly past beings a shiver to my spine and I’d love to actually go up in one, although I might have to settle for seeing one up close on the ground.
  • I would love to learn how to ride a horse, but I think I would get too attached and want to keep the horse forever and they are a lot of hard work.
  • I love the idea of going on a safari and being up close to the animals, especially the big cats. I would love to be able to feed and stroke a big cat they are beautiful animals and even in a lion or tiger you can see the playful nature at times of a regular domestic cat.
  • I would also love to paraglide over the sea as the sun is going down, I think that would be amazing.

You might think they are all really easy things to do and ask what’s stopping me and you’d probably be right.

There are a few things money, fear, wanting to share the experience with someone, free time to do it, responsibilities and a whole bunch of other things I want to do and achieve that are a lot easier.

But I did decide to tick one thing off the list. For my birthday this year I am going to try a racing experience. I just need to study the options and pick the one I think will be the most insanely scary fun and go with it.

As for the rest, who knows I’m not dead yet, I might get to tick a few more off the list before I’m done.


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