Stephen Fry Live: More Fool Me


Last night we went back to the cinema for another live feed broadcast, this time from the Royal Festival Hall of Stephen Fry talking about his life and his book More Fool Me.

As a side note if you have never been to the Royal Festival Hall I would recommend a trip there if you get a chance. I saw a music and comedy show there a few years ago and it was an amazing venue.

So to the show. Stephen took to the stage and announced he didn’t have a script for the show, he would talk about whatever came to mind.

He began by introducing the countries around the world who were tuning in and told an amusing story in their language and English to make them all feel a part of the experience which was pretty impressive.

Then he began to tell stories about his life, starting with his introduction to Oscar Wilde. I personally know little about Oscar Wilde, I saw the film about him years ago in which Stephen played his part and I’ve seen a few of his plays but I know little about the man.

Hearing Stephen recant how he came to find this man he connected with by chance, through turning on the TV one day to see a live version of one of his plays, and then reading everything he could about him was very interesting.

We have all at some point in our lives been curious about someone or something, so much that we have been drawn to learn as much as we can about that subject. When you are in that moment it is a wonderful feeling and I could relate to his enthusiasm for finding this connection with Oscar Wilde.

He then went on to talk about his battle with cocaine and his views on drugs. It has to be said, I know little about drugs. They were easily found when I was at school but were never of any interest to me.

I never felt the need to fill myself with drugs or alcohol to have a good time. But even saying that there have been times when I have been curious to experience some of the lesser drugs just to see what all the fuss is about.

Stephen made reference to the fact that many a politician has tried to test the argument that the way to control the use of drugs is to legalize them and regulate their usage. I think he is probably right, a lot of impressionable teenagers are drawn to drugs due to them being illegal and that need you have to challenge the rules and authority at that age. I saw it all the time at school when kids would be pressured into taking drugs to feel as though they fit in with the ‘cool’ kids, it was the same with smoking at the time.

The problems lie in the people with the addictive personalities who can’t control their urges and instead get caught up in experimenting with harder drugs until it becomes a problem. Addictive personalities are common and the addictions manifest in different ways, people you wouldn’t expect to be drug users fall into the trap for that reason. Or so our lessons at school lead me to believe.

Then Stephen moved on to reading some gossipy stories from his book. Which tied in nicely to end the show. I won’t give away too much as you can read about them yourself but the story about Prince Charles and Princess Diana was worth the book price.

I haven’t read any of Stephen’s books yet, my sister has them all and they are on my To Read list, I just haven’t gotten around to them. But she assures me they are very good reads, in fact of More Fool Me she informed me last night she has been reading, it but had to stop because she didn’t want it to be over until she had seen the show. I think we have all read a book in our lives we hoped would never end because we were enjoying it so much.

So on my sisters recommendation More Fool Me is a very good read and I thought the show was very good too!


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