New Job…

So it’s day three of the new job and it seems I’m inadvertently becoming the bosses pet, something I’ve always hated! It makes me look like a right suck up and that isn’t me at all. I’m normally the one looking to stamp my own mark on things and streamlining processes to make things run better not towing the line and sucking up.

Today my boss shouted out ‘I can’t believe you have completed that task already, you are amazing’ and told me that my colleagues could take a leaf out of my book when it comes to work ethics. Luckily no one heard the second part but if it carries on I’ll end up being the outcast.

Day one was all about waiting for people to have time to show me what they need me to do, whilst telling me how much work they have for me to do and I don’t do idle well.

I sat gazing out the window thinking and for me that is a dangerous thing to do. I can’t be left alone in my own head for too long or I’ll start to think of picking up my phone to call him for a chat, just to hear his voice or daydreaming about what might have been and what I hope will be one day.

I sat taking in my new view, not very exciting I’m afraid, across the courtyard from me is the medical centre and I overlook a dentist. If I spin round I look out on the police station car park and so far there has been no exciting action, just people struggling to park for work.

But then my view for 10 years was a bright yellow painted brick wall, cracked window and 2 wooden sheds with torn roofs so at least now I get to see some life.

I was given some particularly hard going user guides to read and  just enough photocopying to make me feel like I’d served some sort of purpose in the day. I did feel my eyes getting heavy at one point, I had to do a jig with my legs to stay awake.

It makes a change to work in a town instead of being on the edge of one. I’ve never worked in an office like it, it’s all modern and the furniture is all less than a month old so I didn’t inherit someone’s broken chair.

Everyone feels like they are getting to know their jobs so there doesn’t seem to be any institutional way of working, they are open to ideas, which is nice.

I’ve already been making myself useful and thinking of how I can make my mark. I think it might well be in the world of e-commerce as things go, although I know very little about it.

Yesterday I was inducted to the e-commerce system and had a crash course in marketing being thrown in the deep end to promote some flagging resources.  I wish I was more up to date with all this stuff but I guess I’ll pick it up pretty quick. I’ve already been chipping in ideas of how they can move forward with things.

I sat in on my first meeting, even though I had no idea what they were going on about and have now been signed up for more meetings, the theory being I will become the e-commerce expert in the office and lead the way through the site building.

I spent today adding resources to the e-commerce system and logging random errors I found, hardly ground breaking but I’m sure when it all goes life I will have a sense of achievement that I helped shape the working system.

I think this will be good for me. It looks like waiting was the right thing for me to do at the time. I could have taken a job back in April but it was another dead-end job, the money was what I was looking for but there were no prospects, whereas this job could go places.

There is talk of selling services nationwide and overseas and who knows what the future will bring with it. It’s funny since I had a little help from my friend to get me through the interview everything about this job has felt right, there was no nerves or apprehension, walking in on my first day felt like I had been there for years and everyone has been really friendly which is good.

The only downside in the rash of new faces and names to learn. Faces I remember but names, not so much, it’s often why I end up calling people ‘love’ it’s universal and easy to remember! But it doesn’t work very well in a work environment.

My friend was right, if you think positive then positive things will happen for you, if you don’t limit yourself then you can continue to grow, he’s a wise old soul that one!




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