Tuesday Cinema Club: Gone Girl

People everywhere are talking about Gone Girl, they are reading the book and heading off to the cinema to see the film or seeing the film and reading the book. Usually when there is this much hype around something it ends up being disappointing but Gone Girl is the exception to that rule.

I loved the character of Amy, so complex, each layer revealed as the film went on and none of it was as you expected. You couldn’t predict where this one was going and that’s a rarity nowadays.

There were elements that were regular run of the mill story lines cheating husband, unhappy wife, unhappy marriage but it was about so much more than that.

I don’t really want to touch on the story, as telling you too much will spoil the experience, you need to come into it blind to get just how well crafted it is.

Gillian Flynn created such depth in her characters, but didn’t give all their secrets up easily. I want to read the book having seen the movie as I think it will be a good experience for my writing. To improve as a writer you need to read good and bad writing to work out what you want to imitate and what you want to avoid.

The only bug bear I have with the movie, and it seems from talking to others I’m not the only one, is the ending. We were taken on a roller-coaster where we didn’t know what was coming next (well those of us that hadn’t read the book) but at the end it was all too predictable.

The scene with the FBI was just ridiculous and no one in that situation would have been faced with such a line of questioning in that manner. I found it disappointing after being shown such an elaborate plot the ending felt like ‘I’ve run out of ideas so I’ll just wrap it up quickly and predictably’. It was reaching towards a happy ending that wasn’t possible.

I don’t know if it was the film rushing the book ending to keep to its time or whether the book ends the same way but I wasn’t the only one left disappointed by it and a little cheated.

I would have loved the ending to be as ballsy and complex as the rest of the script that really left me in mouth open wonder at how many layers there were to unravel.

I would recommend this movie and I think, like me, if you go that route first it will leave you wanting to read the book to see what the film missed out. Either way this one was worth the hype.


One response

  1. The ending was frustrating! In a good way. Loved the film, specifically loved how Amy’s character was written. 🙂

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