It’s funny how life goes…

Tonight I was walking to the car after work with a smile on my face. That’s normally the time I start thinking of what I want to write about when I get in or the marketing or promotion work I’m going to do for my books, but tonight was different.

I’m coming to the end of the second week in my new job and its been a big eye opener for me. I’m used to sitting behind a desk churning out report after report and listening to hours of dictation and making it into something polished that makes sense.

I’m used to being pulled in 10 different directions and juggling people’s workloads and staying until the early evening and beyond to get work out the door so to me this new job is really relaxing.

Sure I’m only 2 weeks in but I feel like this job was meant for me. I said before from sitting in the waiting room before the interview I felt this was the job I wanted and from there everything has just felt right.

I’ve thrown myself into the project of testing the new website and allowed myself to be submerged into every aspect of it and I think I’m picking it up pretty quick. I’ve never been to so many meetings in my life but I don’t get many actions from them so I’m happy and I don’t have to take minutes!!

There was a quiet word in my ear about the prospect of changing my job for a new one last week and I thought no more of it. Then in the last couple of days it felt like an idea was being planted in my head of a new way of thinking.

Then today I found out why. I have been asked to apply for a new job, a promotion, basically being completely involved in the project I’m working on now and it feels strange.

For years people have told me how good I am at what I do and appreciated how I went above and beyond, and took on whatever was thrown at me with little complaint but never before have I been given a promotion.

It feels like someone finally backed the positive talk with action and instead of just telling me I’m good at what I do and appreciating it they decided to give me what I deserve, a shot at moving forward.

There have also been murmurs of the way the role might pan out in the future and developments in the pipeline and just from one discussion my mind was churning out so many ideas.

I was really excited at being able to use my creative mind to do something exciting and be involved from the ground up in something. If they go down that route the possibilities are numerous from what could happen.

I’m kinda kicking myself now for waiting so damn long to make the jump but in truth I’m just lucky I walked into this company at this particular time when everything is fresh and new and they are carving out their way. Had I waited a year it might have been different.

It’s weird, there is so much politics going on and I’m keen to avoid it all. I don’t do well with office politics, people are there to work they should just get on with it, but people love to score points off each other and that’s such a waste of energy.

I’ve never been a suck up, I’m just me. I have big shoulders, I’m happy to get involved outside my remit if I think I can be of benefit and offer something. I spent years collecting skills by doing the jobs other people didn’t want and finally I think its paying off.

I’m even finding the patience I’ve developed in the last few months is paying off. I’m becoming a teacher which I normally avoid as I have short patience but even that is different this time. I’ve been asked to help 3 people learn the new systems and I’m actually looking forward to training them.

It’s funny I bumped into a woman today in the tea room and I thought I knew her face from somewhere. Then I remembered sitting with her a year ago to discuss bringing a work experience student in at my old job, and she was going to put me forward for a job in her company as I was thinking of leaving. Now a year later I bump into her making tea and we are both working for the same company!

So I was pretty happy when I walked through the door at home to share my news. I mean the job isn’t nailed down, I’m not getting ahead of myself, it seems pretty certain, either way I have what I’m doing now. When I came in to share my news I thought that would be it, until I opened my post.

I saw a big brown envelope and my heart jumped. I’m waiting for the results of my Legal Secretary Diploma course and I thought that would be it and I was nervous about opening it. Until I realised it was pretty thin and nowhere near thick enough to return my portfolio, so surely I didn’t pass?!

I thought it would be touch and go but I nailed it with a 92% Merit, so now I’m a trained Legal Secretary and an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Legal Secretaries.  🙂

92% I can’t believe it, I wasn’t even sure I would pass but I must have got (almost) full marks for my coursework. I had full marks for some tests and passed them all first time but my mark hinged on my portfolio which needed to be up to standard.

I struggled so much to get my head around some of the course as my brain just doesn’t compute legalese or so I thought. I realised some time ago it wasn’t going to be the career move I was searching for so I lost interest in the course but forced myself to finish it before I went back to work and I’m glad I did.

Well it would have been pretty embarrassing if I didn’t  pass as my Sister just qualified as a Junior Solicitor so I had to at least be able to pass this. For a change my Brother and Sister actually had something academic to congratulate me on, they both trounced me academically.

But then I’m the eldest and I was the guinea pig my parents worked on! It just leaves my Brother, the baby, to beat my Sister at University now to finish the set. Not that we are competitive 😉

But without someone inspiring me to change my life then I wouldn’t be here where I am now, and I’m not going to forget that. They know the impact they have on me, I told them, but I wish I could talk to them today.

It’s funny how someone can mean so much to you when you don’t mean anything to them. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about them but there isn’t anything I can do about it. I had to get used to feeling like something is missing and feeling sad when I can’t share my news with them.

I guess its part of the reason I write these updates, encase they see it one day. Although I have no reason to believe they ever will.

My friends and family are all happy for me and I’ve got a drink in my hand and a smile on my face. It feels like my life has started now I fought all my demons and won.

I’ve changed so much and feel so much more grounded now, like I can handle anything and I guess it shows because strangers are believing in me. I’m pretty happy with life right now.

I made a promise to a star I wouldn’t give up and that hard work is all coming together now, if only the wish I made would come true then I really would have everything! 😉

But I’m not greedy, I’m enjoying the moment, taking one step at a time and seeing where this journey goes and I think that is enough… for now!


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