Palm Reading…

I’ve got a friend who is into having her fortune told and palm read, she asked me to go with her once but I’ve always been afraid of what they would tell me.

I’m not entirely convinced that sort of thing has any grounding but I do believe that sometimes things happen for a reason you don’t understand and that there is someone out there looking out for you.

I believe that someone watches out for your destiny and when you are ready they change your stars and bring you the thing you need most.

I also believe that people in the past were more in tune with their environment and learned to read life’s signs more than we do now. I’ve always listened carefully to the old healing remedies my Grandad passed down to me because he is always right, and I’ve passed them onto others who have benefited too.

I was watching a movie last night about witchcraft, I’m surrounded by it at the moment as I’m reading a book about witches and vampires. It has always fascinated me. I’d love to write a book about vampires and witches, maybe I will one day!

When we moved from our old house this book appeared that was full of spells and information on telling fortunes, reading palms and tarot cards. It was the weirdest book I’ve ever seen and none of us know where it came from but I have it hidden away somewhere.

Anyway a mind filled with spells and lost loves I decided to ask Google about palm reading to see what my hand can tell me. I’ve been feeling out of sorts again lately.

The pain of missing him is not easing, the headaches are back so I guess they aren’t stress related after all as I’m totally relaxed and as soon as my mind is quiet he springs to mind. I realised today I’m losing my interest in football as it just reminds me he isn’t around any more and I noticed this morning I don’t remember the last time I had a dream. I guess it’s teething issues of my new life but I’m losing touch with things that were once important to me.

The dreaming issue worries me as it is where I get some of my best story ideas. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, a lot of the things I dream have ended up coming true so to stop having them is a worry. Least of all because I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year so I’m going to need my dreams to write.

So according to WikiHow this is how you read your palm:

How To Read Palms

So apparently my hand means I’m:

  • Content with love life – if you call having feelings for someone who doesn’t even acknowledge you exist content then yeah ok.
  • Freely expresses emotions and feelings – Yep that’s me, I don’t hide from my feelings and ignore them, when I care for someone it never goes away and I won’t apologise for caring. But I really have to learn to internalize my feelings and stop sharing them because no one really cares how you feel and it just drives people away.
  • sloping line – creativity – Yep that’s me, I’m pretty creative and have a great imagination when its working!
  • adventure, enthusiasm for life –  I do love a good adventure and right now there is a lot to be excited about in life.
  • often tired – Oh hell yes, it doesn’t matter how early I go to bed I always seem to end up getting the same amount of sleep.
  • vitality – I thought that was just something you got from dog food!
  • I don’t have a fate line so I guess I’m on my own and waiting for my star to come in.
  • Water – long, sometimes oval-shaped palm, with long, flexible, conical fingers; length of the palm equals length of fingers but is less than width across the widest part of the palm.
    • Creative, perceptive and sympathetic
    • Can be moody, emotional and inhibited
    • Introverts
    • Do things quietly and intuitively.

I guess I am pretty moody on occasion and mostly for no apparent reason and obviously I’m emotional, I’m creative, perceptive and sympathetic, but I’m not particularly introverted and I’m definitely not quiet, ask anyone!

  • The mount under your index finger is called the Jupiter mount. If this is well-developed, it means you are dominant, possibly self-centered, and aggressive. A lack of one means you lack confidence.

I’m not self centred although I guess I was when I was depressed and I’m not aggressive although if I’m pushed far enough I have a temper. I wouldn’t say I was dominant, people don’t often listen to me but they sometimes wish they had, I have a habit of being right at times.

  • My long fingers may be an indicator of anxiety, in addition to being well-mannered, good looking, and delicate. – Well no one’s calling me good looking and I’m certainly not delicate but I’m well mannered in good company.
  • My long fingernails, on the other hand, mean you’re kind and a good secret-keeper. I agree with this, I have kept secrets for people for years and of course I’m kind.
  • My child line says I’ll have 2 kids, well I’ve always wanted twins, but I gave up on the idea.
  • My soft hands signify sensitivity and refinement, I’m sensitive but I doubt anyone would call me refined the amount I swear!

But then it does say repeatedly that it’s just for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously, even if in my case it did seem pretty accurate.

Maybe I will go with my friend next time she invites me to the fortune-teller it might be interesting after all! It’s not like its going to do me any harm.


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