Another Writing Adventure…

I have to stay I’m finding it hard not to be able to spend all day writing, I miss it. At the moment I’m even finding it hard to have 30 minutes to eat my sandwich in peace at lunchtime!

As much as I enjoy my job I have so many unfinished writing projects that really need my attention and the Xmas themed ones are becoming time sensitive.

I’m hoping by the close of play on Sunday I will have published my first book on Createspace for people to order ‘print on demand’. Maybe a bricks and mortar shop might even decide to stock it on their shelves, which would be very exciting!

I’ll do a blog on the whole Createspace experience at some point when I figure it all out.

I also want to press publish on a new book to be released to Smashwords and hopefully on their wider distribution networks. If it is long enough I can then look at posting on Createspace.

Then I really need to start racking up the #NaNoWriMo words on my new project oh and finish the Xmas and New Year themed stories I started so all in all a busy day!

But at the moment there isn’t enough hours in the day compared to my energy levels for me to get anywhere close!

At least I have a nice long break over Xmas which I am marking down to focus on writing projects.

I’m hoping that January will see me being ready to start focussing on publishing the book that started my writing journey. It was the reason I started this blog way back when and the poor thing has been neglected of late.

I have to remember to dedicate it to the man who convinced  me to start writing it in the first place. The man who was known as my Secret Crush to everyone but him. Since I stopped seeing him no one has sung the Minder theme tune for me to make me smile and I miss that.

Once that is out of the way I can turn my attention to the list of children’s stories collecting on my hard drive. Hopefully come September next year the little one that inspires them will finally get to see her name in print!

I’m looking forward to having another family packed Xmas with the little munchkin firing up my imagination, now she is at the cute interaction stage.

I might need to start practicing my Donald Duck impression, it’s been forgotten since my little brother got too big to be impressed by it. He’s 22 so I think he might find it a bit weird if I try to make him laugh with it now, but when he was little it never failed! Maybe I should test the theory at the weekend when he comes back from Uni?!

No one said writing would be easy but the ability to make even one person smile with something you wrote is worth the effort.

Writing helps me process the things I have going on in my life and allows me to share some of the vivid dreams I have that would otherwise go to waste.

Whether anyone ever reads or buys it isn’t my main focus, first I write for me and if I’m happy with it then I’ll share it with the rest of you!


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