Bowling and Sushi…

I haven’t been bowling for years. Seeing as the family was all together over the Christmas period we decided to spend some time catching up.

We made some suggestions of what we wanted to do before my brother heads back to University for his last stint, but fitting everything in is a challenge.

We got up early to make the first showing of the day of the latest Hobbit movie but other plans got in the way.

The next suggestion was dinosaur adventure golf as we enjoyed it so much last time, but a quick look at the thickness of the frost covering the cars told us that was a bad idea.

Next up was bowling and as the alley is next to a sushi bar, we had a winner as we could cross another thing off our ‘to do’ list.

I have to say I’m feeling the effects of the bowling today though. My back has been hurting since last night, I used a lot of long forgotten muscles.

I didn’t do bad in the first game but the longer we bowled the worse I got. Damn you weak wrists lol 🙂

I suggested bowling for my birthday but was told it wasn’t allowed as I’m not 14 any more. The alley we went to was especially good as it was glow in the dark bowling! 🙂

There is something about bowling that brings out your inner teenager, just watch people’s reactions when they get a strike!

I didn’t realise you can bowl in your own shoes now, I wore boots I could pull off quickly, only to end up dragging them around while everyone else played in trainers. 😦

Can you tell I was thinking up excuses for my bad performance??!! Not really, I knew I would never win. My brother is a gym bunny and my Dad bowled in a league ‘as a much younger man’.

It was interesting to see the speed of the ball come up on the screen after your shot. It became a bit of a challenge in the end to see how fast you can throw the ball.

In truth it was just nice to spend time with my brother, he’s a little sod but I miss him when he’s not around.

The sushi was good too. I don’t get to eat it much as not many of my friends and family like it, so it’s nice to have it when I get the chance. Although it wasn’t a cheap lunch by the end.

But you can’t put a price on good food and spending time with the people you love, or rekindling your youth for a couple of hours 😛


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