The Fault in Our Stars by John Green



It’s been a long time since I read a book in a week but this book I couldn’t put down.

You wouldn’t think a story about young people who are terminally ill could be written in such a way to show the reality of the situation without making it all about the sadness and injustice.

Because when a child dies there is sadness and injustice and it engulfs your life, every time something new happens, or a milestone passes they never had the opportunity to reach you feel it. My Dad said to me once no parent should ever have to bury their child. But it happens, for all sorts of reasons.

I loved the fact that even though the characters were terminally ill, they could still take whatever small moments of life and live them while they could.

It really makes you think. None of us know how many small moments we have left and when you look back they are often the ones you miss the most. I know I miss hearing my brother laugh, seeing his face light up when he smiled and the way he said my name.

I don’t know why but the book spoke to me in a way I didn’t expect. Its been a tough couple of weeks and I wanted something easy to read to lose myself in for a while and this book was exactly what I needed.

The writing is very easy to read, there is nothing complicated here but sometimes that’s just what you need. I’d say it’s probably a young adult/ adult crossover but there is nothing wrong with that. That’s the beauty of being a fan of books, there are so many different styles you never have to get bored with reading the same things written in the same way.

I choose books mostly on the cover and title so I rarely know what it’s about before I start reading it, I have no idea what genre or age range it’s aimed at and it doesn’t matter because there is no limit to the enjoyment you get from good writing.

I wanted to single out this section:

I nudged my head into his shoulder. “Thanks for offering to come over.”

“You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection for you,” he said.

“I guess?” I said

“All efforts to save me from you will fail,” he said.

As soon as I’d read it I messaged my friend. We’d talked about the book and I knew she was a John Green fan. I said I’ve just read this section, I totally get it and I love this book.

Because that’s what happens when you fall in love, you might create distance but the feelings never go, they lessen and you learn to live with them in time, if they aren’t shared but they never really go. You could be apart for years and one moment together would reignite them.

In all honesty there were other quotes I could have chosen but that one spoke the loudest at the time. The internet is full of quote pages and pictures from this book, I suspect due to the popularity of the film.

When I was getting near to the end I could see the pages getting thinner and I wanted to slow it down so it wouldn’t end. When I read that last line I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t ready for it to end. So I read the author thank you’s and then I closed the book. I sat staring at it on my lap and wondered if I shouldn’t just start it all over again.

I would have but I wasn’t ready to read that ending again. I will keep the book and saviour it again another time. I already have colleagues lined up to read it so I’ll share it with them. It’s strange, I always like sharing books, I enjoy passing on good work to others who then spread the word themselves, but this book I wanted to keep to myself.

I have the film on my watch list so I’ll see if it lives up to the book, I hope so as I think its one of those books I’ll be fiercely protective of.



6 responses

  1. I have this on kindle in the line-up. Thanks so much for the review

    1. Well enjoy and let me know what you think when you’ve read it!

  2. When you watch the movie, remember to have a box of tissues by your side!! I watched the movies many times, as well as the books, and can’t seem to stop with either!! It’s just so sad! 😦

    1. Thanks! I’ll remember the tissues! 😀

      1. 🙂 😦 It’s for the best!!

  3. I love John Green quotes. He’s got awesome, awesome lines.

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