Music From My Holiday…

I recently got back from America, a gruelling two-week driving trip around 7 US states, (which I’ll write the highlights of soon) where we kept hearing the same songs on the radio so I thought I would share the ones that are stuck in my head!

There was of course, driving around the south, a lot of country music. Some of which is quite catchy but luckily it all stayed in the US. There was one particularly useful song I remember instructing you to ensure ‘If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)’. I can only imagine the embarrassment if you showed up without one!

This was a big one, it was funny hearing it driving through Jackson, Mississippi! 😉

This one kept reminding me of the last time I was asked to dance.

An old song I had long forgotten but couldn’t help singing! Also who doesn’t like a video that starts with some tap dancing!

This one reminds me of singing along with friends, not the rude bits obviously, I’m more of a radio edit kinda girl when it comes to singing! Not really my sort of video, we get that you’re rich and get girls, personally I don’t need to see it! #HopeThatDoesn’tMakeMeSoundOld

This one always makes cry a little it’s so lovely. I imagine a lot of people have this as their first wedding dance.

Ok I didn’t realise who sings this until I looked it up when I got back. I shouldn’t be admitting to liking it so keep it on the down low!

This is a cover of a Roxette song I’d long forgotten. It’s such a hauntingly good song, being an emotional person I spend too much time listening to my heart!

Seeing as we were in Alabama and it’s a summer song this was stuck in my head the whole time! I did see a man on a Harley Davidson blasting the original loudly on the 4th July whilst driving slow through Ocean Springs, Mississippi which made me laugh. Bama and Old Miss rivalry and all that! #RollTide

I admire anyone who can hit her notes, she has such a beautiful voice.

I can’t decide if I prefer this version or the original version! This version has a cool video so that’s why I picked it over the original.

I had to explain that the lyric wasn’t ‘Hey Chelsea’ but I think I kinda prefer that lyric now! I shall sing both when I hear it from now on.




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