A New Venture…

I recently found out that my contract wasn’t going to be renewed. I spent 9 months working my butt off for a company and helping to build its estore brand only to be let go. It was all very soul-destroying.

For the first time I had found a job I was good at with proper career progression. I was recognised by my colleagues as being a essential cog in the machine of daily life and this was proved by the mess I returned to after just 2 weeks on holiday.

But there you have it. Through no wrongdoing of my own and even in being able to prove the fact I was needed and brought benefit to the company they still saw fit to let me go. I can honestly say I have never worked with such a short-sighted bunch of people and for all the promise the company has, sadly it will never be achieved when they are happy to let talented and dedicated staff leave.

So I decided to start on a new venture. I woke up on holiday with the idea of starting my own online business selling jigsaw puzzles, mind puzzles and memory games. I have to say whilst I’m nervous of the amount of success I will be able to achieve I’m also incredibly energised and excited by being able to make money from my own ideas for a change.

Wherever I have worked I have been able to offer ideas of how and where we could look to improve the business, a lot of ideas were adopted and some were not credited to me but hey ho! Now its time to prove to myself that I can make money from my own ideas.

It’s not like I’ve had a shortage of them. I’ve been working hard on the business plan, building an exciting stock list and finding little known suppliers to work with and its good fun. Work can be fun sometimes.

Sure I’m in for a lot of hard work but I have taken a break for a couple of months to focus on this so I need to be able to make it work. Who knows if I will or not. At the very least I’ll learn some lessons that could prove valuable to me in the future.

At best I could be a millionaire in a year, or let’s be a little bit more realistic and say within the next 5 years. That would certainly make the house buying nightmare go away!

A lot of people are negative about it and make me question my own beliefs but then people are always negative. I wouldn’t put up money if I was sure I was just going to lose it, I worked hard for that money.

Maybe a little bit of it is jealousy that they didn’t have time and an idea that they could pursue but it wasn’t like I planned this. I was convinced my contract would be extended and I would continue to build my career with the company I enjoyed working for.

I didn’t expect to get an email on holiday to say that when I came back I would have 2 weeks left on my contract with no possibility of extension or other job opportunity. Neither did I expect to wake up with a business idea in my head that wouldn’t go away.

But here I am and for once I’m going to take a chance on it. At the very least it will get the ideas out of my head so I can go back to writing. My poor brain is so filled with work at the moment there is little room for imagination.


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