Best Laid Plans…

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of planning for my new venture, as I hope the more time I spend planning will equal more success. Only the problem with planning is that you can never rely on things running smoothly.

My website developer got busy and is taking time to get back to me, which is making me nervous about sticking to my deadlines. My designer pulled out on me as they didn’t think they would be able to provide what I wanted. My bank is stalling on getting back to me and the credit card payment people are ignoring me.

Anyone would think the universe is trying to tell me something…

So I found a distraction… my cousin’s little girl needs her bedroom decorating and I offered to pitch in and help as I have some spare time. I also needed a break from business planning for a couple of days to recharge the brain cells!

We had a good day stripping wallpaper yesterday and I planned to go back today and finish the preparation ready for starting the decoration tomorrow.

We packed up all the tools we would need and I got ready to go, looking forward to stripping paint off the door so we could give it a fresh start.

Well that was until my car had other ideas. It decided it wanted to visit the garage as it hadn’t been getting enough attention lately. It faulted a bunch of its sensors so I could spend money on renewing them. How thoughtful of it!

So no fun decorating for me today. I got soaked through waiting for my lift home from the garage, missed the call from the bank, phoned them back and got put on the call list again and now I’m back business planning again.

I just hope the car gets fixed so I can help out tomorrow as I know how much she’s looking forward to seeing her new room. I decorated my brother’s room while he was on holiday once as a surprise and he loved it, it’s nice to be able to surprise people.

Maybe the karma of helping others will help to turn things around for me and I’ll start getting some breaks on the business front. It would be nice to see some things being finalised and ready for launch. It would make it feel less of a pipe dream and more of a reality that is being built towards.

Also it would be nice to see some people having faith in me if they could actually see things coming together. It can be quite soul stripping when everyone is negative around you when you need maximum confidence in yourself to succeed.

I guess whenever you decide to make plans you should always include for a rainy day back up or maybe just a Plan B!


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