Alien Movie Makers – Why?

This post is in response to the fact I watched Battleship last night for the second time and the movie annoys me, for reasons I will highlight below.

I should start by saying I don’t know where I stand on the alien question. Everyone has an opinion. Are we alone in the universe? Who knows.

As far as the space agencies disclose they have yet to find life outside of earth. But then if they did could we be sure they would tell us?

It is always said that in every story there is an element of truth, so maybe in the imagining of aliens there IS an element of truth.

But it is equally possible that humans need something to believe in, and if you have something to believe in then you must also have something to fear.

Religion being a classic example, you believe in your version of God and as part of that you are taught all the elements which you must fear to be true to your belief.

So it makes sense that for all the people who believe in aliens, there are the people who fear them, or maybe we just fear the unknown.

The imagination of aliens in movies is normally of a highly weaponised race who inevitably attack on US soil first, as we all know that the Americans are the only ones capable of saving the world!

If movies have taught us nothing else then as long as there is an America the world will be ok!

But is it likely?

If there is such thing as an alien life form then there is no reason that it would be in human form it could be a living organism in the form of a plant or bacterium.

That is highly possible to my mind, and as I’m not planning on going into space I am unlikely to come into contact with it, and therefore I consider myself to be safe.

I worked with a man once who argued that none of us actually exist and that we are all figments of each other’s imagination. A ridiculous statement I thought, until you take a step back.

I just Googled ‘Do we exist’ and this was the second link I came across: Spoiler Alert: You Do Not Exist just to prove the point!

The nucleus of your knowledge is given to you by your parents. But what if they were taught wrongly, then the information they told me was also wrong.

When a male colleague had his first child I told him he should teach his little boy the colours in a mixed up way as it would be funny. Cruel but funny. I did it with my brother when he was small but I always corrected him in the end after I’d had my fun.

I know an apple is an apple as I was told it was.

The same with the colours of the rainbow, although my parents have since gone on to accuse me of being colour blind. Maybe they were bad teachers?

I also know that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, thanks to Mr Shakespeare.

But I don’t know what I look like. I’ve only seen my reflection, what I look like in photos and on TV and we all know that adds 10+ pounds!

There are times when I look in the mirror and see a happy, pretty, slimmed down version of myself and others a tired, old-looking woman who has sad eyes and a thickening waistline.

Which version of me is the truth?

You would probably describe me differently to how I describe myself. I have been called sexy and beautiful even though I have never seen that in myself, but which of us is right?

So if we don’t know what we look like, and assuming that everything we know could be wrong, then aren’t we a little bit alien?

My biggest issue with the whole alien movie genre, which I don’t watch in any detailed way is; we have found no evidence of life outside of earth, they have barely found water, yet aliens build massive metal ships filled with munitions to blow us all up.

If the aliens are that much more intelligent than us, what threat do we pose to them and why would they bother coming here? Our resources are all depleting and their technology is far more advanced than ours!

As a race we would make bad slaves, a controversial statement I know, but let’s face it we just aren’t good at taking orders. We all have our own way of doing things that is better than the way we have been asked to do it, so we do it our way, right?

Besides apart from the Transformers, aliens rarely speak our language so how are they going to give us instructions?

I can speak English fluently and get by in Spanish, French, Italian and German if I had to for a holiday. I couldn’t give an instruction but I could order dinner.

But think about the poor alien trying to work out all our languages, he wouldn’t have a clue!

I think we have developed such a mistrust in authority that we automatically believe that any information we are fed is only part of the story. So as authority has always denied the existence of aliens then we believe it has to be untrue.

Yet I only know I’m human as I was told I am. I was shown books at school that charted the evolution of humans and this has been verified by scientists as proof that I am indeed a human female.

Weren’t the first humans aliens if you think of the definition of the word alien?

1.  a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship by naturalization.
2.  a foreigner.
3.  a person who has been estranged or excluded.
4.  a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial. definition

I’m sure the first humans must have looked pretty foreign to the environments around them in the beginning and I would imagine they were excluded and hunted as being different at the time.

If there is a threat to earth from the universe then I think it will be more in the way of asteroids, and space junk floating around on a collision course with earth, than in the form of weaponised bug-eyed slimy skinned intelligent life forms.

The earth will cease to exist one day either through our own stupidity as humans and the threat of nuclear war, or by the resources dying enough that we become space junk ourselves and the earth is absorbed by the sun.

I think the latter is more likely but we still have a couple of thousand years I hope. The dystopian future will be upon us before the rise of our alien masters, I would bet.

What I’ve learned about the universe in my lifetime is that nothing is permanent and eventually everything dies.

The stars I wish upon at night are not beautiful shining lights of hope but floating fire balls of dead planets. Yet it doesn’t make them any less beautiful to me. I still make a wish on a star because you never know if it will come true or not unless you do!

Sadly if the day ever does come when we are visited from a galaxy far far away, we better hope the Americans are on the top of their game. After all they rarely ask for the help of other nations to handle the aliens, and let’s face it they normally end up making some pretty questionable decisions for at least half the movie before eventually saving the day.

They have been training actors to kill aliens for years now, every generation has a new group of people trained as we perceive the aliens technological advancements are developing.

Yet, we never build ourselves better equipment in the movies. Is that to keep the element of reality in it? We all know in wars throughout history, we have always been lacking in the best equipment and had to play catch up.

We’ve even started preparing for the explorations of people going to try to set up colonies on Mars by showing TV programmes like The 100 and movies like After Earth.

As a side note After Earth is such a bad movie it looked like the space ship was made of toilet roll at one point.

One thing is for sure it never ends well for the humans. When we eventually need to come back to Mother Earth she never welcomes us with open arms.

There is always something deadly lurking in the darkness. Either in the form of some mutant animals or the remnants of humans left behind and the genetic mutation they undertook to survive.

I don’t know if we are real or if aliens exist. When I was talking to the guy about it I said if he was a figment of my imagination, I would make him taller and better looking. He didn’t like my answer but I think I had a valid point.

The fact remains if we are all part of a matrix reality then our imaginations are in serious need of a boost.

Why don’t we all imagine ourselves living our dreams instead of our often boring and sadly lacking realities?

Who is dreaming up train strikes, M25 delays, plane crashes, war and all the other banes of human existence?

Why are we not all dreaming of happy, fun, nice existences where everyone gets along and we all love each other?

Oh I know, because that is against human nature, which at its core is jealousy amongst other things. People will always be jealous of what others have, only some people choose to act on it and others let it pass them by.

So from tomorrow when I wake up I shall imagine my dream man beside me (I’m lucky, I’ve met him so I know what he looks like!), I’ll imagine myself being my dream weight and I’ll head off to my dream job, leaving my dream house, driving my dream car and smiling all day long knowing that life cannot get better than this.

Yet I know the reality is I’ll wake up alone, (I said I’d met him, we aren’t together), I’ll still be on a diet to shift the excess pounds and improve my health, I’ll eat breakfast, do chores and start working on my business venture until my eyes hurt and I call it a day feeling like I achieved very little, I’ll have something to eat then try to do some cross stitch, watch bad TV, then I’ll go to bed and wonder whether I should call him to say goodnight, but I won’t so I’ll just fall asleep alone again.

It sounds kinda sad but it’s my life. It might not always be like this, but to me it’s very real and before anyone judges me, I’m not the only person in the world whose life is boring.

My imagination just got tired…


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