Should Mars be independent, or just a colony of earth?

First we had ‘how to build a city on the moon’ and now were questioning the fate of Mars.


I can’t help but wonder what right we have to lay claim to these places. Aren’t we partially at fault for the fact the Earth is slowly dying after depleting it for years of all its resources?

What makes us think we have the right to take over another planet when we ruined our own?

It’s a bit like when your parents brought you and your sibling the same toys but you broke yours and tried to pass it off as theirs. Your parents made you give it back so you learned responsibility and accountability.

No one wants to see the end of human civilisation, we don’t cope well with death at the best of times, but we have to accept that all living things so to must die.

Maybe in accepting that we can use the money and effort being spent on space travel and colonising other planets to improve the quality of life for those of us living here on Earth.

There are a lot of people on Earth that could benefit from money, time and energy to improve their living situations. So maybe focussing on making the end of human civilisation on Earth more comfortable for us all is a better solution than laying claim to other planets.

Won’t we inevitably do the same thing should we move to Mars?

Should the plan be successful, eventually through the greed and hunger of humans the planet will be drained of its resources and the survivors will be left to search for another planet to sustain the life force.

Apart from the fact that should a rocket be sent to Mars or the Moon to build a colony of people, who among us stands the right to choose who of us stays and who of us goes?

The people who are in positions of power are not always the best judges of the character and integrity of others. What happens if they choose the wrong people?

We’ve all seen the movies where they build space ships to act as prisons to clean up the earth. How long before the powers that be start thinking that’s a good option?!

I think if there are aliens out there like the movies tell us, then maybe us deciding we are going to occupy the universe, as we have never seen anyone lay claim to it, might be a good way of pissing them off and bringing on the start of an intergalactic war.

Or maybe I just predicted the plot of the summer blockbuster for 2020…

This summer coming to a high-definition solar-powered 4D cinema screen near you…

The tale of a group of people who considered themselves the masters of earth send the chosen hopefuls to begin a colony on Mars, only to find the planet was inhabited first by the good people of Alpha Earth from the parallel universe who had laid claim to the planet years before.

It’s a battle of the wills of the humans from Earth and the humans from Alpha Earth that are living the life you wanted to live.

Who will win?

You or the happier, more successful version of you from the parallel universe?

Or maybe its the giant mutant spiders v sharks that neither of them have seen coming over the top of the nearest crater, because it might be a sci-fi flick!

‘Earth v Alpha Earth v Mutant Spiders v Sharks’ – Catchy title right?!

Remember people, if it does happen you heard it here first!!!



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