Tuesday Cinema Club: Legend

There hasn’t been much to catch the eye at the movies for me lately but I’ve always had a bit of an interest in The Krays.

We had family living in the Bethnal Green area of London in the 1960’s and I’ve heard stories of the famous twins who were well-known in the area. I don’t remember any of them being first hand stories but there were a few tales to tell.

My Mum just looked up some of the history of The Krays and if it’s right then our family lived in the same road for a time, but probably not at the same time as the notorious gangsters.

As the film says anyone who lived in London in the 1960’s has a story to tell about The Krays.

Tom Hardy was amazing as both of the twins. The difference in their character shining through in every scene. He didn’t need words to express how unhinged Ronnie was in most of the scenes his body language and facial expressions told you all you needed to know.

I’m not sure how accurate the story was, there were parts that seemed a lot different to things I have seen or read before.

A lot was made in the movie about Ronnie being homosexual for example. I did question whether in the 1960’s, if even Ronnie Kray would have been as openly gas as he was portrayed. At one point when meeting the American gangsters he comes straight out and tells them he likes boys and talks about the boys he has been with.

In real life both of the brothers were twice married. The movie only refers to Reggie’s first wife Francis and implies he goes to prison still carrying the plane tickets for their trip to Ibiza.

I’d never heard about them mixing with American gangsters before so that was a new story to me. If you’re interested in reading about The Krays check out Wikipedia The Kray Twins

I wouldn’t say the film was the best I have ever seen. There are elements of comedy throughout. I defy anyone to watch Ronnie dancing to Something Stupid and not laugh!

But for Tom Hardy’s performances alone I would recommend the movie. I hope he wins some awards because I don’t think there are many actors that could have played his parts even half so well.


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