Thoughts on Peeple…

I’m probably behind the curve here but I’ve just heard of the new app Peeple and I’m concerned. Here’s some information if you want to read up for yourself…

Peeple app lets you rate human beings like restaurants

Peeple is the ‘Yelp for people’ app your mother warned you about

Everyone you know will be able to rate you on the terrifying ‘Yelp for people’ — whether you want them to or not

The “Peeple” App, Referred To As “Yelp For People,” Sounds Like A Bad Dream

In the interest of being unbiased, the Peeple website which at the time of writing is unavailable…

Peeple : Character is Destiny

I understand where they are coming from when they say you should be able to know about the people you are romantically, professionally and personally linked with but that is called communicating with people.

I learn about the people in my life by talking to them and asking questions and not stalking them online and judging them by other people’s opinions. I prefer to make my own decisions about people.

We should be promoting healthy ways for people to communicate and interact with each other and develop the art of talking to get to know each other and not creating apps that will paste your life online and give you little control over what is published.

I think they have seriously missed the point of how negative an impact this could have on people’s lives. Think of kids at school, already hounded on Facebook, who can now have insults sent directly to their Inbox for them to comment on and resolve the dispute before it is shown to the public. Because conflict resolution and bullying normally work hand in hand.

The really scary part, anyone can create a profile for you and add you if they have your cell phone number but…


So as a Facebook user someone I know who has my cell number could leave me an aggressive or angry review when we have a fight, that will be visible by everyone and I can only leave a comment in my defence.

Although they do say if you never access your profile the post will not be made public. With glitches in computer software how can we ever know this is true without accessing the program and looking for ourself?

Let’s face it most people will only take the word of the person who is leaving the bad review and not the person defending themselves because that is human nature, some people like to mistrust others and this app plays right into that in an unhealthy way.

I thought there were rules and regulations that stated any website collecting your data had to allow you the right to opt out or be removed? If there isn’t then there should be.

If I haven’t signed up to use this app and I don’t want to be associated with it in any way what right have the Peeple founders to tell me that I can’t opt out of their app?

They say it is to stop people with negative responses removing them self from the app but age and experience tell you opinions are all very well and good, we all have them, but they don’t mean anything and are heavily biased by personal agenda.

Right now I feel angry and hurt by someone I care about deeply. I have their cell phone number and could sign up for Peeple and tell everyone about what happened between us and have it emailed to them for them to respond to. I could just as easily email or text them the same message in private and try to resolve the issue without anyone else being involved.

Being a grown up I know that venting my anger won’t help the situation. Right now I would to do anything that will stop me from hurting but the things I feel now are temporary and I would regret leaving a negative review about someone who is at heart a beautiful person. It would ruin any chance of a reconciliation between us in the future and probably make me look pretty pathetic in the process.

Will we have to start issuing disclaimers to people we give our cell phone number to for them to sign, stating they agree not to supply our information to apps or create profiles without our knowledge or on our behalf?

Isn’t life stressful, demanding and critical enough without you grading how good your friends are on social media apps? Really who has the time and effort to bother with such nonsense?

I would imagine the users will mostly be teenagers attacking each other in a passive aggressive way when they don’t get what they want or have a fight. Or worryingly people using it as a way of posting rumours and hearsay as truth.

Are we losing track of good honest conversation and living on a slippery slide to a world where we only communicate via social apps and messaging?

What surprises me is that the two founders are women. I would have thought women would have more empathy for how this app could be misused; however much they justify their intentions.

#Peeple is currently trending on Twitter and you can see the tweets of Julia Cordray asking how you can stop someone leaving an unsolicited comment on Facebook, which is basically what her app allows you to do.

They asked 100 people who said they wouldn’t want people who were deemed ‘questionable’ to be able to remove their accounts from Peeple. It doesn’t say how many people they asked if they would be happy to be associated with the app at all.

It seems as though the founders are having a little PR trouble with people on Twitter leaving unsolicited opinions on their profile. If they have angered so many people into leaving them uncomfortable questions then doesn’t that tell them their app is unwanted by more than the 100 people they canvassed?

What if a future employer reads the bad reviews about me and holds that against me when in actual fact I would be more that capable of doing the job? It is hard enough to get employers to invite you for interviews due to the number of applicants for decent job roles. Employers can already check Facebook and Twitter, we don’t need to be giving them more ammunition on unsolicited access to our private lives by reading our friends reviews of us.

The founders said..

“We are a positivity app launching in November 2015. Whether you love us or our concept or not; we still welcome everyone to explore this online village of love and abundance for all.”

If that is true and it is a positivity app then why are they showing the public negative reviews and comments? Negativity breeds anger, aggression and could cost people potential job prospects and friendships if read by the wrong people.

Is there a disclaimer on the site that states the comments are personal opinion and to use your own judgement when reading them?

Just because I don’t like someone, doesn’t mean that everyone else should feel the same way. Life is not a school popularity contest where only the most popular get to decide who we are allowed to be friends with.

Why should we judge ourselves by the number of people who give us a 5* rating? I would prefer to judge myself on whether or not I think I am a good person and not whether someone I gave my number to years ago thinks I am.

Personally I wouldn’t even feel comfortable with people giving me positive reviews. I find it awkward to accept compliments; the people in my life who care about me and love me show me that with their actions. I don’t need them to write a review of me online.

There are a lot of people in the world who already put too much emphasis on how others think about them. I know when people interact with me in a negative way, I find that hard to deal with.

I feel attacked and it makes me feel inadequate. But if you asked most of the people who know me they would say I’m a good person who doesn’t recognise the strong qualities I have.

My personal gremlins were caused by a year of being bullied at school and being told daily how useless and pathetic I was and not having people to stand by me through that. Even now when things go wrong it takes me back to that place in my life and I become that downtrodden girl again.

I worry that these sorts of apps will make that sort of destructive behaviour much more commonplace and acceptable in society when we should be building each other up and not knocking each other down.

I don’t know if the app is available in the UK but a part of me hopes it isn’t and it’s run is short lived. It’s staggering to think the app could be worth $7.6 million dollars already.

Lets hope the founders don’t give me a bad review, after all I am only expressing my opinion.


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