Cassette Store Day 17th October 2015…

I was driving yesterday in a hire car so I had a different set of pre-set radio stations to listen to. One of which was Radio X with Vernon Kay. I’ve never heard of the station but the music was a nice mix.

They were talking about Cassette Store Day and it made me think back to the tape boxes I have on top of my wardrobe. Some of the albums within have never made it into my CD collection. I’ve downloaded songs off them for my iPod but what gems lie in those little drawers of long forgotten albums?

I’ve always believed that your music collection charts your life and that you should hold onto it if you are able to. There will come a day you can look back with your kids or grandkids and talk them through why ‘Shaddup Your Face’ was the song you asked the DJ to play in Italy when you were 3. Yes that really did happen.

I love music, all types of music. Especially when people share their music with you. Some of my earliest memories are listening to records, singing and dancing with my Mum. Saturday afternoons with Grandad always had a musical interlude of dancing before going to the park and watching wrestling, baywatch or knight rider on the TV.

I mostly listen to music in the car nowadays. I love nothing better than turning the music up and singing along to one of my songs and driving along an open road in the sunshine. I can imagine the looks I get when people see me singing and dancing but I don’t care I’m in my own little world.

I remember having a Madness cassette album when I was little. I played it so much it got stuck, it now only plays a couple of seconds either side and I still won’t part with it. I think it was my first album.

I was driving to take my nan to a doctor’s appointment listening to talk of cassette day and memories of making mix tapes, only to get there and find a man listening to a cassette walkman.  I heard the familiar whizz and clink as he fast forwarded through a song he didn’t like. I never thought I’d see someone with a tape walkman in 2015 but a part of me wanted to high-five him for keeping it old school!

I get vinyl day but cassette day I’m not sold on. You can’t beat the sound of music coming from a vinyl record played on a turntable, no matter the genre of music you like. But tapes weren’t that great. I mean sometimes they lapped and you had to tighten them with a pencil.

Apparently Urban Outfitters are going to be selling a range of cassettes and cassette players in their stores in the hope that cassettes will make a comeback. I don’t think I will ever be as excited to see anything on tape as I am to find it on vinyl.

I still have a tape player so maybe tomorrow I will dust off my tapes and blare out some tunes, if they still work! Maybe I’ll find some long forgotten gems, I think The Fugees and Kula Shaker albums are hiding in there somewhere.

Ok I just Googled The Score and I think that wins tomorrows outing into cassettes, that was a great album! Next year it will be 20 years old, which makes me feel old, they used the music from that in a few 90’s movies if I remember rightly.

So here’s everything you need to know about Cassette Store Day check out your local retailers taking part and the albums available and have a walk down memory lane.

Oh and don’t forget if you do revisit your tape collection, let me know what gems you found 🙂

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