Headliners Comedy Club: Chiswick, George IV Pub

I always enjoy my trips to Chiswick, it’s such a lovely area of London. I’ve imagined myself living there many a time and maybe one day I will have the funds to make that a reality. Well a girl can dream anyway!

The George IV pub is always busy when I go there and last night was no exception seeing as the rugby was on. People were crammed into every space, eating, drinking and watching the match. It had all been renovated since the last time I went and it looked lovely.

The comedy club is now accessed via the garden and this too had been renovated. I loved the new decor and if you’re planning on going then a booth at the back of the room opposite the stage is the place to be. That is unless you are brave enough to sit on the chairs wrapped around the front of the stage!

Our table was by the door, next to the bar but with a great view of the stage. I have to say I would’ve loved to be in a booth as it would’ve been more comfy than challenging my core muscles perched on a high bar stall but the easy access to the bar helped.

Last night on the bill we had Windsor as the MC, Pierre Hollins, Boy With Tape on His Face and Steve Best. I had seen Pierre and Boy With Tape before and I suspect Steve Best also at the Ealing Comedy Festival. In fact the reason we chose last night was to see the Boy again as he was so good.

Windsor was a good MC, and managed to get everyone ready for an evening of fun. By the end of the night the only thing I would have changed was the running order as Steve Best wasn’t a fitting end to the line up. Out of the comedians we saw we would have put him on first and had Boy With Tape on last to finish the night.

I won’t talk about their sets because comedy is best experienced first hand. I’m sure if you are interested then a trip to YouTube will find some clips of the acts we saw and you can decide for yourself. What I find funny might not appeal to you.

I don’t like to be too critical as I wouldn’t be able to stand up and make a room full of people laugh. I’m sure it is a really hard job and there are some audiences that would really have got into the last act and enjoyed it but I think by and large last night was not it. The only people who seemed to be laughing were the ones who had been drinking a lot through the night. It was a slightly disappointing end to what had been building up to a big finish.

But as always I would recommend Headliners. It isn’t often that I see an act that I don’t enjoy and as a venue I think it is really cool, especially since it’s been renovated. Besides who doesn’t like a night out in London!


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