Womb Transplants…

Medical advancements are incredible. We live in an age where we are finding out more about how the human body works, and using that knowledge to undertake life saving operations in ways you could never imagine.

Think back to what you learned at school about early medicine. The medieval cure for almost anything was to drain you of your blood. Operations were carried out with little or no form of pain relief or anaesthetic.

There are downsides to being able to prolong life. Some people believe the world wasn’t designed for the amount of people currently living. By prolonging life expectancies we are creating a bigger demand on the earth’s resources which are not infinite.

Healthcare costs millions and people often talk about the ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to having operations and access to life saving medications. By creating cures to all known diseases and ailments, we in effect make the demands on healthcare stretch even further. And as we all know healthcare is often where the government looks to make spending cuts.

I think this is why there are so many charities around nowadays. In order to find cure’s charities need to raise money to fund research.

I read an antagonistic thought the other day. It said that there is a known cure for cancer but the treatments in place are worth so much to the pharmaceutical companies and healthcare industry that the cure will never be released. In effect if they cure you they no longer get to make money from you. I would hate to think that was anywhere close to being true, but then again…

I found this article on Womb Transplants very interesting. I wish them well in raising the money to make it possible and I hope the operations are a success.

I have often thought about having a child. I have dreamed of what she looks like and in my dreams I have seen her age a little too. Which incidentally my friend thinks is weird lol. I’m the eldest of 4 and spent a lot of my younger years surrounded by the other kids in our family.

I have a natural talent with kids.  In fact someone told me the other day I should consider a career working with kids. I think I would get a lot from working with small children, pre-school age when they are fun and you can be silly and creative with them. It would also be good research for my children’s writing.

As I get older the more I start to wonder if being a mother will ever happen for me. I wouldn’t say I’m ready at this moment to be a mother.

I’ve considered whether or not I would be able to carry a surrogate child in order to experience having a child for myself. I don’t think I could do it for someone I knew, I think I would struggle not to develop an attachment to the child. It would be too hard to have to see the child grow up but have no involvement.

But carrying the child is only part of the experience. If I was a surrogate I would never get to experience motherhood properly. I would never get to spend my time nurturing this small little person into a wise and wonderful adult, ready to take on the world.

In some ways it makes me feel like a fraud. I could have the ability to have a child, I have some desire to have a child and yet if I don’t I’m wasting the ability that others would move mountains for.

I always thought if I knew for certain that being a mother is not going to happen for me, then maybe I should consider what I could do to help others have a child. Then I wouldn’t have wasted the ability. Not that I know for sure that I could have a child, I presume you get tested first.

But the honest truth is I just don’t know if I could go through with it. As much as I would like to believe I could.


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