Games to play with Family at Christmas…

With Christmas coming up we always buy a new family game to play, so I thought I would do a review of some of the games we’ve enjoyed in the last couple of years.

Games are pretty expensive nowadays but I’m sure if you shop around online and keep looking you’ll be able to find something fun in your price range. Charity shops are a good place to look, we’ve brought a few games from there.


The Game of Things was the last family game we played. I laughed so much I couldn’t breathe, but that was because me and my siblings have shared thoughts and our parents were disgusted with us!

The game is easy to play. You each have paper and a pencil, someone reads a card about ‘Things you’ and then everyone writes their answer on a tear off strip. You put all the strips in a pot and the card reader reads them all out. Then you take turns going around the room and working out who wrote what answer.

So it might be ‘Things you would like to see on your horoscope’ and you write down your answer. It’s good for a mixture of age groups to play as it isn’t complicated but it might be a give away in the answers!


The Logo Game was good fun but a little scary when we thought about it. You don’t realise how indoctrinated you are by advertising until you play a game like this. Being able to detect a chocolate bar from one single letter or finishing off catch phrases from adverts. It’s surprising how much you have retained without realising.

I don’t remember playing the game properly, I think we just read out the cards and made the rest up our way. We tend to do that if the rules are complicated but it was a while since we played it now.

It’s a good game for a mix of ages as some of the questions went back to the 1960’s and some were more modern. One question I remember was about Centre Parks and what day you check in and out, which is easy if you’ve ever been to Centre Parks!


Shout is an easy game to play in a group of people. You put a card on the stand and people shout out the answers before the timer runs out. The other team can see the answers on the other side of the card.

Some of the cards are quite difficult. There is a range of question cards. There are word searches, photo clues, anagrams, movie trivia, music questions so you can skim through the cards and find ones that are suitable.

We normally try to do that when we play which might defeat the object a bit. If you want to win you can gauge the other teams ability to answer those questions and make it hard for them. Only they do the same to you on their turn!

We’ve played it with a range of ages but I’d say it is harder for older people and younger children due to the quick fire nature of the rounds.


Cranium is a fun game with willing people. It works better in smaller groups of couples rather than big family groups.

There are 4 types of card and you move around the board as you play. The cards range from trivia to drawing to acting out and guessing games. Which is why it works better in smaller groups. You might have to hum a theme tune or use your partner as a prop to act out something and they have to guess what they are doing.

You usually find that people begin to favour the cards they are better at when you get more into the game. For me drawing is an issue so I try to avoid the drawing cards. I’m a hopeless artist!


Bendominoes is a good game to play around a table with a few people. It’s Dominos with a twist. As the tiles are semi circles there are some tiles you can’t play. For example you can’t make a circle, you have to play off an end which means you often get blocked.

It’s nice to see the patterns you make with the tiles in the game as each time it’s different. I’ve never played it with a child but I think they would enjoy the colours and shapes as an introduction to Dominos.


As you can tell we’re big on Dominos in our family. I’ve been playing with my Grandad since I was small and it’s still his favourite game. I think it’s because he played with his parents. I got pretty good at it, apparently I play like my Great Grandfather and block the game when I can’t win!

We found Tri-Ominos a few years ago as an alternative to regular dominos. The skill required is harder as you have to match the tiles on 3 sides of numbers to complete a block. Also there are many times when the sides of a tile are unplayable as the numbers are inverted. But the extra skill required is what makes the game more interesting.

All this talk of games has made me want to play a game tonight!

If I think of any more games we’ve enjoyed I’ll add them to the post. I’m looking at getting a game called Tension for this year but I haven’t decided yet!

If you would recommend a game you’ve played then add it in the comments, it might help someone choose their new Christmas game!


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