Tuesday Cinema Club: Spectre…

I should start by saying I haven’t watched a Bond movie since Piers Brosnan. The reason I stopped watching was it all got too realistic. I like my Bond movies with men biting through cable car cables and Bond climbing into a crocodile skin and running over the heads of the other crocodiles.

I’m not a huge fan of Daniel Craig as Bond, as an actor I find him to pouty. I think Roger Moore is the best James Bond for me, either him or Sean Connery.

So to the move last night . For me it was all about the DB10, with my birthday coming up it shot straight in at number 1 on my wish list! It is a fantastic looking car and small enough to be almost practical in your normal every day life. Well if your normal every day life can support a £3m car that is.

The story line was a little slow for me, I think you could easily lose 30 minutes to an hour and not lose the plot. The lack of gadgets was a little disappointing and it almost felt like the car chases and fight scenes were added in out of habit.

I’m told I missed the nuances from the previous movies and that’s why I didn’t get it but I don’t think that’s it. I just think as a standalone movie it wasn’t exciting enough. It didn’t make me go wow and had it not been James Bond as the lead character I wonder how many other people would have agreed?

The storyline is so relevant to what is going on in today’s mad world that is could almost have been an insight into the secret meetings that probably happen daily amongst governments without our knowledge. We certainly seem to be heading towards a total surveillance world in light of the terror threats we all face.

I voted to see Burnt last night but as it started later and I was going with a huge Bond fan we saw Spectre. Half way through I wished I’d stuck to my guns on Burnt.

Apart from the DB10 the most exciting thing was seeing the advertising boards for Creed. Rocky Balboa is making a comeback and I for one will be in the queue to see that! I’d rather watch any of the Rocky or Die Hard movies than a James Bond movie!


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