Happy Thanksgiving, National Cake Day and Birthdays!…

So today is a very busy day. I am now officially the oldest I have ever been 😦 But I’m about to go and celebrate the fact with family so that makes me happy! 🙂

I was very lucky to spend last friday night celebrating with my friends at the end of what was an emotional day. Its been an emotional week and I think next week will be more of the same, as we get to the bottom of my Nan’s health episode.

So after a shock start to my friday I had a lovely end of good food, friends and fun. I was very lucky to be given some lovely presents too which was most unexpected. Tonight I’m expecting more of the same as I am spoilt by family this time and if I’m lucky maybe a present or two!

Today is also Thanksgiving for those who celebrate. I’ve already had a lovely message of thanks from my American best friend. It’s nice to have a day where you stop and think for a minute of all the things you have.

For me that is Christmas Day when I look around the room and see all my family laughing. For the last two years that family gathering extended to a house full of laughter and fun, although this year it’s being scaled back a bit! It’s a lot of work and arguing but when everyone is there and you’re in the throes of the day it is all more than worth it.

Coincidentally it is also National Cake Day and as my sister bakes as a stress reliever I have a birthday cake being delivered later. She was most disappointed that I requested a small plain round cake as it is so boring but I was thinking of the calories. Not only that my Dad is a hoover for food so if there is too much left he will just consume it all over the next few days and he needs to watch what he eats!

This year has been tough for me on a personal level and I’ve been disappointed a few times but things are starting to turn around. It has also taught me just how fragile life can be and the importance of staying on top of your health and keeping yourself fit and well for as long as you can.

My Nan has told everyone we’ve come into contact with at her appointments how good a Granddaughter I am but it doesn’t always feel that way. I have to keep stopping and telling myself that I am putting her through all the tests and treatments so that she can stay healthy as long as possible.

I’m the bad cop who has to tell her straight up and be forceful with it to try to get her to understand while everyone else can be nice. I didn’t choose it, someone had to do it and because of the way life happened lately that person was me.

So I might not have sorted a job yet, but I have spent the time I’ve had lately doing much more important things. I’ve been supporting my Grandad with caring for my Nan and trying to keep her healthy by taking her to all her appointments. I’ve also spent the time doing things for people that they haven’t had time to do for themselves. It made a difference!

The only thing is I haven’t spent time doing things for me. But I feel as though the new year will be much more sorted. Soon things will quieten down and I’ll be able to focus on me again. There’s an amazing job waiting for me out there somewhere I’m sure!

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all the cake!!!


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  1. How is “the guy”? Making any progress with him? Does he know how you feel? Maybe 2016 will be your best year!

    1. No progress yet J. He knows how I feel about him, he doesn’t know how hard it hit me when he left. How hard it is still to be distant from him.

      I haven’t given up hope. I still think about him every day. A part of me wishes he missed me as much!

      But you are right, next year things might all slot into place. Who knows! I must be due some luck.

      I wish you luck for 2016!

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