Tuesday Cinema Club: Creed

I had heard good things about Creed going into the movie. The Rocky films are up there with my favourite movies of all time. The classic underdog story, written with so much emotion that you can help but feel every punch with him by the end. I always get choked up when I watch them.

I’ve watched a few boxing matches and they are not normally as aggressive as the ones you see in the movies. When it is two men punching each other for real they tend to hold a lot more to protect themselves, which usually has me shouting ‘stop hugging him and hit him’.

When it’s two actors going at it you get a lot more punches to your fight. You can build the tension until the people sitting in the audience want to punch the guy themselves. That happened to me, I could feel myself wanting to ball my fists and punch the guy with Creed by the end.

But this story was more than just about the fight. It was about the fight within us all too. Rocky gets Donnie to shadow box in front of the mirror against the toughest opponent you will ever face, in the ring and in life as well.

How true is that? More often than we would ever like to admit our lives are dictated good or bad by the person who stares us back in the mirror. We blame everyone and everything for our situation when in a lot of cases we were put there by our inability to beat the person staring back at us. We all have demons that hold us back if we let them, some people are better at beating them than others.

Creed wasn’t written by Sylvester Stallone, who wrote the Rocky movies which surprised me a little. You couldn’t really tell, it had the same emotion and action as all the other movies.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Philadelphia and go up the Rocky steps (I doubt I can run them, but you have to give it a go!) but they have moved the Rocky statue now from the top. I’d still like to see where they made the movies. I’ve watched them for so long that I feel I owe Rocky that, even though he is a fictitious character I think he stands as more than that.

I think the point was that everyone has a Rocky inside them and its up to us whether we let him win or hide him inside and that is why I love those movies.


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