Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age at The Beck Theatre

Last Thursday we took a trip to a local theatre to see Russell Kane. I couldn’t believe it was 2013 the last time we saw him there. I remember that night being on edge as I’d had a fight with someone and I couldn’t settle as it was playing on my mind.

I like watching live comedy. Whilst I don’t always laugh all the way through I don’t recall seeing a comedic show that I didn’t overall enjoy.

This show was a little different. There were laughs and amusement but as it was a show about life and ageing it wasn’t all laugh out loud funny.

In the second half of the show Russell spoke a lot about the birth of his child, which I understand is a wonderful experience and it was interesting to hear but not laugh out loud funny.

Ageing is a strange thing. We all do it whether we acknowledge it or not. We all age in similar ways whether to admit it or not. We all become our parents in the end, which is hardly surprising seeing as our genetic make up is 50% of each of them.

I think he’s right when he says the only age to be is the age you aren’t. We look back on our youth through rose-tinted glasses and look forward with one eye on the constant decline we will face.

As a child you want to be old enough to see over the kitchen counter, reach the biscuit tin, go to school, go to big school, have your first kiss, first sexual experience, first drink/ drugs/ smoke, go to college, vote, leave home, go to work, travel but then you reach a point where you can legally do everything and the next thing you have to look forward to is retiring.

There is definitely an upward spiral in life until you turn 25 and then you dread turning 30 and after that its all just another step to 40. Having younger siblings doesn’t help, they always remind you of being old.

I like the energy of Russell’s shows. He bounces around the stage throughout and he is honest about his life. If he made an idiot of himself he’ll talk about it. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t and in this day and age that is becoming a rare thing!


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